Exclusive Interview with Charlaine Harris!

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In an exclusive interview with True-Blood.net, Charlaine Harris, author of the Sookie Stackhouse vampire novels, which inspired the HBO series, True Blood, Charlaine talks about the show and the characters in Sookie’s world.

True-Blood.net: How did you feel when HBO approached you with the idea of a series featuring the Sookie Stackhouse stories?

It was Alan Ball who approached me, and later sold the series to HBO. As you know, he’s worked with HBO before. His offer was not the only offer on the table, but it was the one that attracted me most artistically, though that may sound pretentious.

T-B.net: How involved are you with transferring the series from page to screen?

I’m not involved at all. This is Alan’s vision, and it will be quite different.

T-B.net: We all have a mental image of Sookie’s world and what the locations and characters look like. How does the television version compare to what you see in your mind?

Sorry, I just don’t know yet. From the still pictures Alan has shared with me, I think it’s going to look rich and very exciting.

T-B.net: Of all the heroes and heroines you’ve created, which is your favorite?

Hard to say. There’s a little of me in everyone I write (which should give you pause), and there are things I enjoy about writing each one.

T-B.net: The chosen cast for the tv show are all wonderful and we’re really excited to see what each one will bring to our favorite characters. If you were to put on a play based on Sookie’s adventures, who would you choose for the main characters, i.e. Sookie, Bill, Sam, Eric, Pam, Jason?

If I were going to cast a play? I have a hard time imagining that, but I think I’d try Reese Witherspoon as Sookie, Emmy Rossum as Pam, Mark Ruffalo as Eric, Reed Diamond as Jason, Skeet Ulrich as Bill, and Kenneth Mitchell as Sam. I’m sure all those ages don’t match; that’s talking off the top of my head.

T-B.net: Have you visited the set of True Blood?

I was there when it was being built. It was tremendously exciting to see all those people so hard at work, and to meet some of the crew.

T-B.net: Can we hope to see a Charlaine Harris cameo appearance on the show? Perhaps one of the customers at Merlotte’s?

I do hope I get to drop into the bar sometime, when I’m out in California for something else and they’re filming. Alan extended the invitation.

Thank you, Charlaine Harris!

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