Alexander Skarsgard Featured in Lady Gaga Video

Check out Lady Gaga’s sizzling hot new music video, Paparazzi, featuring a murderous Alexander Skarsgard.

OMG just doesn’t really say it, does it? Thanks, Jennifer!

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  1. OMG that’s one of the more unique vids i’ve seen in a while! and can they do all that in a video?! why ask… they just did! Alex looked HAWT!!!

    i gotta look this Lady GaGa up… heard her vids ain’t bad and she got DARN GOOD tastes if she picked Alex to be in her vid.

    • She’s got a song out now that’s pretty popular, and I like it. Look up “Poker Face”.

      • i’ve heard Poker Face… that’s my favorite one. didn’t know it was her til the radio DJ said so tho…

  2. What a sexy scene in the beginning. Now I am so jealous of Gaga! Although Alexander’s character is a ruthless man, he still looks as handsome and gorgeous as ever.

  3. Love it!! The only time I have ever wanted to be Lady Gaga

  4. oh yeah… weren’t those the Swedish Triplets (’85,’86,’87) from “Daisy of Love” making a cameo or orgy? lol….

    • lol Yeah, I noticed them too.

      • glad i’m not the only one that watches that show and other VH1 rehash shows… but damnit it’s addicting… (and Fox reminds me of future baby daddy Johnny Depp)

        • Yeah I noticed the triplets too. Glad I wasn’t the only one thinking it was them. And am I the only one who loved the silver eyepatch and her lipstick when she killed him?

  5. Oops they misspelt his name in the opening titles.

  6. this video is pornographic and disgusting (alexander is the best thing in all the video)

  7. I love her video and her song.

    The best thing about it is that we see Alex. I love his arms, his butt, well… pretty much all 6’4” of him.

    or is he 6’5”?? :P

  8. Uck. AS’s few seconds were f-i-n-e . . . good measure of his acting ability that he could be kissin’ on That — Gaga’s more like Gag-Gag. Were they speaking Swedish?

    • Yes they speak swedish in the video.

      • Does anyone have the Swedish text of what they are saying? I wanna learn how to say it!

        • This is what she says, but you don’t pronounce it like this at all:

          Lady gaga: Älskar du mig?
          Alexander: Det är klart jag älskar dig.
          Lady gaga: Pusspuss!
          Alexander: Kom hit!
          Alexander: Litar du på mig?
          Lady gaga: Självklart.
          Lady gaga: Sluta!
          Alexander: Titta in i kameran!
          Lady gaga: Vad gör du?
          Lady gaga: Sluta! Sluta!
          Alexander: Jävla fitta!(this is Norwegian though I think.

  9. Ok, why did they misspell Alexander’s name? Oh the humanity! Is this why Gaga is mad that the video leaked, that they were going to fix it and it was too late? Yeah, I know it was supposed to come out in June, but seeing that lovely face…and we are not talking about her.

  10. Yayyy… Love it! We get to see Alex and his gorgeous self!

  11. Hi! I found torrent and I downloded the video, because I couldn`t watch it in my county over youtube. it`s great. Cool to se AS in the video, though I`m a huge BILL fan. Love Lady Gaga and Poker Face. This song is great too :D

  12. *sry, country

  13. Anything with Alexander in it is worth seeing!

  14. Not only, that but what a clever vampire to get into this video!Over 2 million views on youtube and this site alone!What great publicity for our gorgeous fanged GOD of the night!

  15. She is weird, he is gorgeous. Smart move Alexander, great advertising for the show. Can’t wait for TB.

  16. Pornographic? Really? You are kidding right?

    It was sexy, yes. It was fun, yes. Witty, yes. Pornographic, no way!

  17. He is hot! Wow beautiful!

  18. Alexander is super hot!!!!! I hope he gets more exposure in season 2 of TB….

  19. They are saying in swedish:

    Lady gaga: Älskar du mig? ( do you love me?)
    Alexander: Det är klart jag älskar dig! ( of course I love you)
    Lady gaga; puss puss (kiss kiss)
    Alexander: Litar du på mig?( do you trust me?)
    Lady gaga: självklart (of course)
    Lady gaga: sluta (stop)
    Alexander: titta in i kameran ( look into the camera)
    Lady gaga: Vadd gör du?( what are you doing?)
    Lady gaga: sluta(stop)
    Alexander: arghh jag sa sluta! (argh I said stop it!)

  20. skin detox girlie

    lady gaga might not be a very beautiful singer but she can sing and dance well.

  21. Melatoninsideeffects

    Poker Face and Just Dance simple rocks! more power to Lady Gaga.

  22. He is so pretty. I could set him on my couch and look at him all day. I could watch him in the video over and over, with the volume off so I don’t have to hear her, only him she annoys me. The song Poker Face, the lyrics are stupid. I know it is a double entendre but before you sing about Texas Hold’em you should know how it is played. BTW if you are playing Hold’em and you say hit me you may get punched, just a warning.

  23. Not a fan of Lady Gaga, but anything with Alexander Skarsgard is worth watching!

  24. Alexander Scarsgard can throw me off a balcony anytime!

  25. Well, at least there was some talent (Skarsgard). Too bad she had to kill him off…
    This is the first video of hers that I saw. It’s not that I don’t like her, but really, she isn’t that original as I have heard everyone proclaim.
    Gwen Stafani had the original clothes first. Pink had the provocative lyrics first. (And actually they weren’t even the first) Anyone can stick their fingers grotesquely in their mouths. Sorry GaGa.

  26. I ♥ Alexander is very very very hot

  27. Alexander also makes a cameo in her video for Bad Romance, just an FYI. She kills him off again. I wonder what she has against him. There’s no way on earth I’d rather kill Alexander than ravage him over and over, hehe pardon the vulgarity.

  28. Vicente Toedebusch

    I sincerely like Lady Gaga with her strange dresses nevertheless she really let herself down now going out in see through undergarments.

  29. Brendan Prochnow

    I love Lady Gaga and wish I could have seen her in the Toyota Center. Her dresses are amazing and she thoroughly rocks out.