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Hold on to your fangs, True Blood fans, because we have what could be the contest to end all contests for you this week. In lieu of a new episode of True Blood on Sunday (the show returns July 12), we’ve partnered with Alexander Skarsgard for a truly fabulous giveaway.

The winner of this contest gets the opportunity to ask Alex three questions. That’s right, your burning questions answered by the Viking vampire himself!

How to Enter: In the comments section below, post your favorite Eric moment from season 2. Be sure to include a valid email address when you enter as we’ll be contacting the winner via email. All comments posted by 11:59PM PT on Thursday, July 9, 2009 will be eligible. Winner will be drawn at random from eligible entries.

The Prize: The winner will submit three questions for Alex to us via email and we will forward them on to him. He’ll reply to us and we’ll send you his answers. We will also post the Q&A here at for all to enjoy.

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  1. my absolute favorite eric moment is after he had pam run thru the woods to see if she could track the beast that attacked sookie. then when she gets back and reports to eric and gets ready to walk away eric says “hey pam. btw. those were great pumps” and gave a little smirk. lol i just thought it was so funny and condicending. i loved it. definitly my favorite moment by far. i love eric.

  2. At the beginning of episode two, when Eric tells Lafayette, “I wouldn’t try anything rash if I were you, I’m still hungry.” My friend even called me right after he said it cause he knew I would love it & he was right! I love that Eric is getting more screen time this season.

  3. It’s definitely in S201 when he stands on staircase.That green cloak, sweat pant and flip flops…It’s really funny and weird and attractive !!!

  4. My favorite part is anytime Alexander is on screen quite frankly :) But some of the moments I enjoyed in season 2 were when he was arguing with Sookie about Layfette being locked in the basement and he said something along the lines of “Well maybe I’ll grow on you” and she replied I’d rather get cancer (although that’s different than the book) Quite frankly anything with him in it is wonderful.. When I first started the HBO series after reading the books I didn’t think he fit the part and was a bit disappointed but as I continued through the episodes I realized he was PERFECT for the part. I believe Alan Ball did a brilliant job casting all the characters, they all fit perfectly. I can’t wait till later on when he becomes more involved with Sookie. I won’t say anything as Alexander doesn’t read websites because he doesn’t want spoilers and in case he’s lurking :)

  5. In the basement, “Is there blood in my hair? Pam is going to kill me.” That just cracks me up.

  6. My favorite Eric awesomeness moment? Asking Lafayette post Royce-killing: Is there blood in my hair? I laughed SO HARD.

    My favorite shallow Eric moment? Green t-shirt and jeans. Guh.

  7. My favorite Eric moment in season 2 so far is when Eric walks down the stairs to the dungeon with the foils in his hair and flip flops on. First off I was so shocked it was Eric’s dungeon. Then I cracked up laughing when I noticed the foils in his hair. It’s a classic True Blood moment already.

  8. My favorite Eric moment would probably have to be when the doctor was done with Sookie,Bill was going to feed her but then Eric offered.He had an interesting expression when Bill held his hand to stop him from trying to get to Sookie.

  9. Favorite of season 2:
    Love scene when Eric asks Lafayette if he has blood in his hair. This startles Lafayette and he has to ask again. Then he gets close enough for Lafayette to determine there is blood in his hair and states that Pam is going to kill him. Too funny! Just ripped a guy to pieces and he’s worried about blood in his hair.

  10. Louisianagirl29

    The best Eric moment so far has been the long stare that he has with Sookie before she leaves Fangtasia. Can you feel the sexual tension? The best scene will be in episode 9, going by the info of the episode. The Book Eric lovers will get to famous bullet sucking scene. Can’t wait. I love that he is in every episode this season. He makes book Eric come to life and does a great job of it. I hope True Blood stays around forever!

  11. My favorite Eric moment…
    The basement scene when we still have no idea where Lafayette is only that he’s in a putrid hole of a basement a waiting something terrible. Then the door opens and Eric swaggers threateningly in with foil in his hair. Hilarious. This is my favorite Eric moment because we’re finally able glimpse the ironic tough-love side of him from the books. I can’t wait to see this side of Eric explored more in the HBO series!

  12. As has been said frequently, his expressions are all great. And because of the late post, my two favorites have also been mentioned: the look on his face (with fangs extended) while Sookie is being cleaned by Dr. Ludwig, and the last prolonged look at Sookie in episode 3.

  13. My favorite Eric moment of this season is the same as many others, but I think I have a different reason. It’s kinda messed up, but when he tears up and feeds on Lafayette’s fellow prisioner, we see for the first time just how vicious he really is. This is something that has been missing from the show and I have a feeling it is just a hint of what we will see in Dallas.
    I also applaud the writters/directors/alex for the way they pulled the scene off. If they had just left us with Eric destroying him, many would not have liked Eric as much, but because they paired it with a funny set of lines the scene is balanced in favor of Eric.
    This is my favorite scene from the whole show so far, and my roomies now think i’m a psychopath because i was smiling and clapping at the end of the episode…

  14. I loved when Sookie stared back at Eric as Bill, Pam and Lafeyette were leaving, trying to size him up, and Eric gave Sookie this adorable, confident nod.

  15. My favorite part of seanson 2 so far is when Eric is lurking outside a terrified Lafayette’s window…telling him he’ll have to come out sometime. He is one scary vampire.

  16. My favorite scene is episode 3 of Season 2. It’s after Sookie and Eric agrees to a deal in which she’ll accompany both Bill and Eric to Dallas.

    That look in Eric’s eyes and the smirk on his face as Sookie is staring at him as if she’s trying to figure him out.

    His expression is priceless. Eric is such a tall, pale and handsome devil.

  17. My favorite Eric moment this season must be either when he rushed to be the one to give Sookie his blood when Sookie was attacked by the monster thingy, and he said to Bill: Allow me, my blood is stronger” that little laugh he gives there when Bill refuses…killed me dead! lol

    And omg when he told Sookie that she surprised him and that perhaps he will grow on her….pure wow! The look he gave her! <33

  18. My favorite Eric moment is from episode 2. It’s the one in which Pam is undoubtedly upset with Eric for having blood in his hair.

    Quote: “Well, I said I was sorry Pam. But he took silver to me.”

    It surprised me to hear him ask for forgiveness because I didn’t think he was capable of it.

  19. My favorite Eric moment has to be when he apologizes to Pam for having blood in his hair saying it was because the man took silver to him, and then he says to Lafayette “You were there, you saw it, defend me!”
    I cracked up :)

  20. My favorite Eric moment is a scene from episode 2. It’s the one when Eric says to Lafayette, “Is there blood in my hair…Oh, this is bad, Pam is going to kill me.”

    Imagine a big 6’4″ Viking being afraid of Pammy.

  21. I know it’s been said over and over again but when he’s getting his highlights and worries about Pam getting mad over the blood is just perfection. Also love “those were really great pumps.”

  22. Loved last episode’s hair-foil scene, of course, but I literally sat up in my chair so I could get closer to the TV when watching Alex’s introductory scene as Eric in the first season. Bill had brought Sookie to Fangtasia for the first time, and Eric was lounging regally in his throne with a world-weary expression. My heart skipped when he summoned Sookie with that little finger-wave. I was VERY intrigued by the Eric character (haven’t read the books yet), yet I knew I’d seen the actor somewhere before. I was amazed to finally realize he was none other than Iceman from Generation Kill, which I’d just finished watching! Same inscrutable aura; totally different look for him. Alex is such an amazing actor and totally inhabits his characters … I’d love to ask him a few questions!

  23. Well my fav part is when pam cumz bck frm da woods n tells her dat he luvs her pumps wit dis cute smile…. n she is maddddd!!!! cuz her pumps r dirty…..

  24. My favorite Eric moment from Season Two was from the episode “Scratches.” The look on Eric’s face when he watched Dr. Ludwig finish cleaning the wounds on Sookie’s back was very funny!

  25. My favorite part is when Sookie slaps Eric! The look on his face is just like “ok, did you get that out of your system now?”. I just loved it! Alexander is very straight faced as Eric but there is this huge depth of emotion in his eyes! I love it!

    This moment just seems to really show that.

  26. My favourite Eric scene of season 2 (so far) is when he comes down the stairs in flip flops and foil before ripping of the salon cloth. And then he says “shoosh”.

  27. Fav moment so far in Season 2 has to be when Eric sheepishly apologizes to Pam for ruining the makeover and then to top it off, he appeals to Lafayette to back him up. Definately seeing the “human” side come out of Eric more this season. Can’t wait to see how the story progresses…

  28. I’m going to have to say the slight smirk he has as he watches the lady in the clothing store’s revelation that he and Bill are a couple. After the ghost of a smile he goes back to his sheriffy self and is all business. Eric is awesome because he can be amused/scary/funny/business-like all at once.
    And yes. We do like the new you. Very much so.

  29. So many perfect moments, it could be “you have to come out sometime” ;)

  30. Laura Lee Nichols

    I wait patiently for any Eric/Alex airtime. I loved Eric asking Bill’s opinion about his new look at Forever 21 …then telling Bill he could simply take Sookie if he wanted to. “Poorly played Bill”

  31. hi my names amanda my questions for alexander is….

    How many languages can you speak?

    Whats your favorite number?

    Whats your favorite sookie stackhouse book you’ve read so far?

    Hope true blood has nine seasons but if it doesnt i hope it makes it a 4th season.

  32. C.Graham (Suki12)

    Dr.Ludwig leaving, I will expecting my payment next week, Eric thanking her and then she
    saying F___OFF to ERIC. AND ERIC saying She is not a FAN of the FANG.

    When Sookie goes off on Eric about Lafayette and slaps Eric and he says, I see your feeling better and comments on how good the color red looks on her.

    I would ask him what he does in his spare time, if he had any. Hobbies etc.. Whom
    does he pass the time with? Does he spend all of his time in Swenden when he is not
    filming True Blood. (Does anyone in his family live in the US besides himself?)

  33. My favorite Eric moments would be the subtle things he does, such as his facial expressions. Alexander is such a wonderful actor, I mean he puts everything into Eric, a character he truly was created to be. But my favorite Eric moment would be when he looked at Sookie when she walked out the room and he just kind of nodded his head. I got a lot out of that head nod, like he was saying I meant what I said, or I am not afr aid of you and your lil’ boyfriend or even I respect your ability and that is why you are still standing. Either way even in just those 3 seconds it took for him to look and nod his head he stole the whole show and that moment was simply Eric.

  34. My favorite Eric moment is when his beauty session with Pam is interrupted and he comes down the stairs humming or singing with the robe on and foil in his hair and says “No shushing sweetheart we can hear everything” Thought that was hilarious! Also his comment about “Taking out the trash”

  35. My favorite Eric moment so far this season is every time he’s on screen. He just has this quiet powerfulness about him that’s very hot! :o) And I love the haircut. I thought I liked him when his hair was long, but the short, slicked back style is hot, too!

  36. Wearing jeans & green v-neck tee…………wow.

  37. Kristina Goodlett

    I’d have to say my favorite Eric moment is when he’s at fangtasia and a fan asks for a picture. he looks up from his phone and smiles, and I melted!! LOL.

    my 3 questions are:

    1) Did you try out for the role of Eric or were you asked?
    2) Have you read the books, and if so how do you feel about the Sookie/Eric relationship?
    3) Was there another reason beind Eric’s haircut, or did you just want to cut your hair? I like it either way. lol.

  38. I have so many favorite Eric moments…
    Eric asking Lafayette if there is blood in his hair, Eric’s new casual attire, The whole Eric/Lafayette interactions are great. I really love Eric’s confident, subtle actions, and his dry sense of humor. I can’t wait for his scenes. I have to say my absolute favorite moment was just in the look Eric gave Sookie when she was leaving Fangtasia at the end of episode three. There were a couple seconds when they just stared at each other and the look he gave her made me want to melt. Manly confidence! I really hope this series makes it to season four.

  39. I love all the Eric moments. I live for the Eric moments!:)

  40. My favorite seen is in eps 2.2 when Eric meets bill in the mall. Eric walks in the store behind bill and says “Good Evening Old Sport.” Bill turns arround and says “Eric?” With a question in his voice. Like there are a bunch of 6’4″ 1000 year old vampire vikings just laying around. :)
    Eric replys “It’s the new me. You like?” To which bill says “I do. very much.” The sale associate can’t take bill rejection so she assumes there a couple.

  41. My favourite Eric moment is definately in episode 2.3, when he is watching Sookie drink Bill’s blood with an adorable, inscrutable expression on his uber-hot face. What is he thinking??? So many possibilities….

  42. My favorite Eric moment (so far out of many) is when his beauty session with Pam is interrupted and he comes down the stairs humming or singing with the robe on and foil in his hair and says “No shushing sweetheart we can hear everything”

    The way he says sweetheart, ohhhh, to be honest, I love it when Eric is on screen, I love his expressions.

  43. I love when Eric tells Lafayette, “I wouldn’t try anything rash if I were you.” He kicks Royce’s torn off leg and then says, “I’m still hungry.”

  44. I love the scene when Eric gets a sly smile on his face as he tells Pam her pumps were great. Another great scene is when he walks downstairs to the basement with the foil in his hair and asks if there is blood in his hair and that Pam is going to kill him because of it

    Love the show

  45. Amanda Miller, you are just entering to win a chance at asking your questions. Please don’t post your questions here. Read the above directions again, sweetie!

  46. 1. There’s the link for a True Blood panel (Paley fest ’09) & Alex & Ryan both admit that they tried out for the part of Bill first.

    2. Somewhere in that interview, or maybe another one..Alex admits to reading the books up to 4 or 5 maybe, but not sure about reading anymore for various reasons while filming.

    3. I’m not sure, but I think he was atually wearing a wig or extensions of some sort the first season…..

    sorry, yeah I’ve been somewhat of a sucker for his facial expressions…the cast on this show has been outstanding. Alex, Nelson, & Rutina have some of the best expressions I’ve seen!!

  47. I absolutely agree. Him walking down the stair w/ his hair in aluminum and then when he goes back upstairs and apologizes for the mess his hair became while Pam tries to clean him up…HILARIOUS!

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