SPOILERS: Eric and Sookie

TV Guide gives fans what they want – Eric and Sookie.


Any scoop on True Blood? The season is dragging for me. — Danny
MICKEY: Well, would Sookie and Eric naked in bed together spice things up for you, Danny? You’ll see that, and the death — yes, death — of two prominent vampires, before the end of the season.

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  1. I saw that coming… LOL and I’m glad we’ll get to see it

  2. I squeal with delight!..lol

  3. omg. i hope eric dosent die. i would spaz. i mean, i dont usualy go for blonds but hes just fantastic…

  4. I hope that Godric doesn’t die like in the books…he’s seriously made such an impact on the show just after one episode and he’s all people can talk about. He’s my new favorite character. =(

  5. I don’t think they kill off Eric he is to important for the story…My response when I read this was screaming like a little teenage girl…I want Eric and Sookie together SO BAD!!!!

  6. this is no surprise, and is actually something I cant wait to see. The books make it clear that Bill and Sookie can’t ever last, and Eric is well captivating. No offense to Bill, but Eric’s won this game.

  7. My guess is that the naked Eric & Sookie is a dream sequence – more specifically, Sookie’s dream sequence and that Godric does indeed die.

    • I think you’re right about the dream. Fans seem to really like Godric…..I know that he wasn’t intended to be around, but neither was Lafayette per the books…we’ll see

  8. OMFG!!the moment i’ve been waiting for. i don’t care if it’s a dream or not either way it DOES spice things up. the whole bill and sookie lovey dovey shit bored me. of course this doesnt mean i want eric and sookie together right away. i’m all in for the love triangle. it makes things much more interesting than a simple happy ever after.

    • i totally agree…the love triangle does make it interesting…even in the books its so complicated and interesting.

  9. OhMYGOD! I knew it would probably happen but this is well terrific.

  10. Heh let’s be honest, I love the Sookie/Eric storyline in the books, but what I’M looking forward to most is a declothed Alexander Skarsgard. ;)

    • LOL.

      i think i share the same sentiments. :X

    • I totally agree with you!! I would love to see Eric nd Sookie hook up cuz than that means some pretty sexy steamy scenes as there were when Sookie was with Bill! I’m 100% in support of Sookie nd Eric getting together if it means some full nude scenes for Eric!!!! nd I hope Godric doesnt die.. he came and took over in just one show! Godric’s presence is demanding and intimidating yet sweetly dangerous it turns me on!!! But I much would rather keep Eric nd Bill on board.. I love Bill and Eric the most and between the two- I LOVE ERIC!!!

    • OOh, I totally agree.

  11. OMG.. really.. what dose that mean for bill and sookie???

  12. beautifyldreamer

    Nooooooooooo! As hot as I think Eric is (and how hot it will be to see with sans-clothes), I am definitely pro the Bill and Sookie coupling! There’s so much love/chemistry between them! Eric is to me more like that tempting hot boy you always think you want, but once you get him you realize what you had was so much better.

  13. Guys, as much as I love Godric too (and I think they gave him even more depth in the show than he had in the books), he HAS to die. That’s why his character in the book is so compelling – he evidences the entirely un-vampire-like desires to atone for his sins and believe in something bigger than his own survival. We need to see that to realize that vampires can be more than just horny, bloodthirsty quasi-villains who only associate with humans for those purposes. His character can only be so intense *because* his existence in the story is so brief.

    P.S. Nekkid Eric and Sookie? Yikes. Yahoo. Yum.

  14. still can’t say i don’t want bill and sookie together forever, but not quite sure eric is right for her, but…can’t wait to see naked eric. mmmm…mmmm…mmm :P

  15. God I hope it isn’t Jessica! :( i love her
    who do you think will die? Godric is up for speculation
    but who will be the other??? I might cry lol

  16. Lorena and Godric should be the ones dying, if they stick to the books at all. Oh, and the Bill/Sookie coupling isn’t nearly as hot as the coupling between Sookie and Eric will be. I’m interested to see how the director unfolds the Eric/Sookie relationship. Can’t wait until Sunday!!!

  17. Bill is getting what he deserves. If you read the books, Bill is never really there for Sookie when she needs him most, but Eric is always there at those critical moments.

    • Yeah, in the books Eric’s technically always been the one there…but on the show, they have put Bill as the hero (him killing Long Shadow 1st season vs. Eric in the book…)
      On Sunday, it will be Eric there to shield Sook from the blast though (Bill’s still outside escorting Lorena & there was a shot with Eric near Sook at the end)…bullet-sucker moment set up

      • I have been wondering too how far the show is going to deviate from the books. I hope the Eric and Sookie coupling in the books isn’t out though.

  18. Finally we get to see Eric and Sookie together. But will it be real, or just a fantasy dream sequence? It’s hard to say because the show isn’t following the books, and Eric and Sookie really don’t get together till the fourth book. Can not wait for Sundays!!! I think that Godric will die for sure. I’m not too sure about the other one. I don’t think that it will be Lorena, she’s sure to stir up trouble some more. I’m not too worried about who else will die because they would be crazy to get rid of Eric or Bill. I hope it’s not Jessica either, I love her character. Is it Sunday yet? Only four more episodes for the season. It’s going to be torture to wait till next June for season three. Ugh!!

  19. For those of you concerned about Eric or Godric, in the last spoiler it revealed that they make it out okay, Eric a bit injured but that is where Sookie comes in :)

  20. yaaaaaayyyyyy!!!! I’ve been waiting since the fourth episode of season one for this kind of news :).

    I’m sure Eric and Bill will be fine, who knows about Godric’s future…

  21. I’d rather see Eric’s bare bum than Daphne’s heart in a fry pan any day!!!

    I’m glad I stuck with the season ’cause it’s only gotten better. Unfortunately, I like Godric better than Eric now. Eric is tasty but Godric is so evolved.

  22. Keep Godric….Kill Lorrena & Stan

  23. Keep Godric. Maybe something along the line of Prince or next in line? Get rid of Lorena. Don’t let Eric get Sookie. I think Bill is truly in love with Sookie and Eric is only looking for a conquest. Especially since she is strong in resisting him.I think this will hurt Bill and Sookie’s relationship. It would be hard for the storyline to go back to the original show line/theme.

  24. I think that Bill and sookie will remain together this season but she is gonna have a very realistic dream about her and eric in bed together, and maybe we’ll finally get to see Eric naked, or at least some of him. Also, unfortunately i think Godric is one of the vamps that is gonna die, and as for the other one my guesses would be either Stan or Lorena, but who really knows with this show.

  25. OMFG!!!!!! Eric and sookie!!! holy crap!
    i was squealing with delight when i saw eric naked in the bed with her!!
    honestly dats all i really want to see! haha.
    but whats gonna happen to Bill? i mean come on!
    yes everyone sorry for this but i cant keep it in!
    Godric does die and i balled my eyes out!!!!!
    im only 14 and i get to watch this show.. but i cried for sooo long!
    nd i hope the other one isnt Jessica cuz shes awesome!!!!!
    i started crying when eric did…… :(
    BUT!! i cant wait to see more of eric and sookie!!!!!
    mmmmmmm yummy eric…

  26. This latest episode disappointed me a little only because Eric was only in the first few minutes…although it was a good few minutes but still…the next episode looks pretty Eric filled though…thats something to look forward to. I wonder how they are going to kill Maryanne. The only thing I can think of is maybe cutting her apart or something.

  27. The WHOLE Eric and Sookie relationship is what got me hooked! I just hope their relationship will evolve like it does in the books (epecially Dead to the World). I just can’t get enough of them…Bill just got too boring for me. Eric, on the other hand, is more exciting, funny, and driven to get his hands on Sookie…LOVE it, LOVE it.

  28. I truly hope that they make Sookie and Eric get together this season or next. I’m reading Dead to the World and it’s just fantastic. Before reading the books and just watching the series I always preferred Eric now there is no question! Please HBO change a few things but at least keep this as the path of the show!!!!!!!!

  29. im sooooooooooo confused im currently on dead as a doornail when Alcide just comes when he hears about the fire (i beg please no spoilers) but all i want to know is yes or no does eric and/or Sam die?????????? (i already know what happens to Godric and Lorena)

  30. please do not make this season filled with stories of Sookie and Eric all the time… I really want to see some Bill and Sookie moments!!!

  31. Eric and Sookie, I don’t think so, let’s keep it real, Sookie is not that kind of women. The part that makes Sookie so charming is that she is sweet and innocent, but still be able to kick butt.
    (TRUE BLOOD) should not be made into a soup opera. I think she should hold out for Bill. I believe Sookie will save Bill in season three. Sookie may come close to having sex with Eric, but not!!!!!!!!!!