True Blood Premiere Dates – Season 2 & Season 3

There’s been some confusion about True Blood premiere dates, so we wanted to clear that up:

  • HBO will begin reairing True Blood season 2 on March 21, 2010.
  • True Blood season 3 premieres on HBO June 13, 2010.
  • Space is airing True Blood season 1 in Canada on Sunday evenings right now.
  • FX UK is airing True Blood season 2 in the UK on Friday evenings right now.

We do not have information on when season 3 will begin airing outside the U.S. As soon as we do, we’ll post it here at

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  1. marking that on the calendar

  2. Have you heard whether Channel 4 is showing season 2? I know for season 1, FX showed it way before channel 4 did but otherwise I won’t be able to watch season 2 on TV

  3. To my knowledge Space is airing Trueblood on Tuesday Nights (9pm mt) not Sundays.
    Comes on the same night as LOST. Sayid and Eric in one night… Im being spoiled. <3

  4. melissa Arivdson

    what about australia?? some one please tell me!!! i NEED to know!! We’ve all been waiting so damn long!! pleasey please please!!

    • As noted above, we don’t have information about True Blood’s release in other markets. When we do, we’ll post it.

    • Re lax information about Australia release date: I find that very frustrating. Why are release dates for countries other than US tnreated as if they don’t matter? Are our fan numbers down here not big enough for profit making interest? We are always sitting around waiting for our turn well after these things are released elsewhere. I wonder how that affects illegal download statistics.

      Very disapointing.

      • Bel, I have an early August schedule for season 3 via Foxtel. Since I refuse to have anything to do with Murdoch television outlets am either going to get the shows taped in the U.S or wait on next year’s DVD release. Very disappointed this wasn’t picked up free to air by either ABC 2 or SBS. Once again we get the raw end of the stick.

        And yes there is a sizeable Down Under following with sites, including my own, giving extensive coverage to the show. :)

      • Bel
        i have to agree, why is there no known date for us to get excited about, i cant believe we have to wait so long.

  5. i am in canada is true blood going to air on are regular ch or hbo thank you

  6. Hey, do you girls know if the premier date [june 13] is the same worldwide?
    and if it is not when is the date for Brazil?

    thanks ! =]

  7. tis good to know

  8. HBO Canada has season 3 airing the same time as in the USA. June 13th @ 9:00pm

  9. True Blood season 3 will begin airing in Australia on the Showcase channel of Foxtel on August 19th 2010

    • Well that rules ME out of watching True Blood if it’s only going to air on Pay TV.. and it will rule out a LOT of other Aussie Fans as well because so many people have discontinued using Foxtel because it is so crap

      Bye Bye True Blood…. I’ll have to find another show to follow…….

  10. any word on the series three release date for Australia?

  11. When does the true blood premiere in Canada? And what TV post!?

  12. Melissa arvidson

    Well I’ve got foxtel. But it sux that we still have to wait till bloody august. I’m going to see if I can watch it on you tube or something. This BS! I love love love the show and books! But I’m really disheartened by the fact that we get everything last!!! If any of you are Aussies and live in WA let me know and you can come watch it at my place for free!!!

  13. any idea when this will be out in new Zealand??

  14. this is so silly that this website doesnt publish what the release date for season 3 is for australia…
    does anybody know what the release date is for aus? as i cant wait to see season 3 after the killer ending in season 2..

    Eric northman all the way!

  15. any ide aon uk release dat yet??