EXCLUSIVE: We Chat With Charlaine Harris

Charlaine Harris, beloved author of the Sookie Stackhouse novels, took time out of her busy schedule to call in to True-Blood.net Radio live on Friday, May 14, to talk about Dead in the Family. She answered a few questions about the book for us, talked about visiting the set of True Blood, gave us some sneak peeks at upcoming short stories, and even revealed a tantalizing tidbit about book 11! Listen to the conversation below and join in the discussion in the Comments section.

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  1. I want to see the clips of her son! Way cool!

  2. I’m so sad she didn’t come to Chicago on her book tour. Not cool!

  3. Mewhahaha! She IS coming here :) 5 mins from my house. I’m deffinately going.

  4. yeah! i want to see the clips of her son, too!

  5. She’s great-down to earth. Dying to know what will happen with Eric. If indeed Victor is a big threat-I wonder if Eric will eventually get killed. It also occurred to me that Sookie could maybe get things going with Hunter’s dad.

    I want to see clips of her son too. That’s terrific!

  6. What a beautiful accent Charlaine has!

  7. Something that bothered me is Niall is an irish name. it is not pronounced NI_ALL it is pronounced NILE like in the river

  8. If she kills Eric, that is the end of my interest in the books for me.ERIC IS ALL I CARE ABOUT….