James Frain Talks More About Franklin Mott, Werewolves vs. Shifters

James Frain talks with TV Guide about his character on True Blood, ‘Franklin Mott’. Frain reveals some spoilers about Mott; some we’ve heard, some are rather new. If you don’t want to know more, stop reading right now.

Sexy Franklin Mott

Based on this Q & A, I am really looking forward to watching the interaction between Franklin and Tara. This is going to get interesting.

TVGuide.com: Had you read any of the novels before taking the role?
No, I didn’t know about the novels, I just know about the show. I got a broad sense of how it compares, but I think it’s different. They expanded Franklin’s storyline out for sure.

TVGuide.com: Franklin Mott is a bit of a mystery man. What can you tell us about him?

To read James’ answer to this and more, go to TV Guide.

MegaBuzz compares shifters and werewolves as they answer fans’ questions.

How are True Blood‘s werewolves different than shifters? — Lila
MICKEY: They’re definitely similar, but werewolves are a bit more ambitious. For example, they fought in World War II… just not on our side. Details! Look for an Eric-and-Godric flashback about these cani-Nazis, which will probably confuse you once you find out who employs Bill’s kidnappers.

Stay tuned to True-Blood.net for more spoilers later in the week.

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