SPOILERS: Tommy Mickens Is Here To Stay

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Kristin at E! Online has a heap of True Blood spoilers this week, including news about Tommy’s plans and Tara’s potential vamp-ness:

George in Michigan: Alright, give it to me straight. What’s the deal with Sam’s little brother on True Blood?
What, you mean little ol’ Tommy? He’s harmless—in the sociopath, crazy-person sorta way! Marshall Allman, aka Sam’s little bro Tommy, is in it for the long haul this season, and a source tells us he intends on “bringing Bon Temps to its knees.” Sounds fun, right? “I go in and have a lot of fun,” Marshall tells us. “There’s not an impulse that I don’t act on. I’m tons of fun. And then I’ll take your wallet, [and]  I’ll also steal your girl.” Yes, we’re hearing some girl-stealing is afoot. Any guesses as to which lovely lady Tommy might have on his arm? Hands off Sookie, L.J., or we’ll tell your Dad! (A little old-timey Prison Break humor brought to you by Wentworth’s abs.)

Julie in Toronto: True Blood, please.
Marshall tells us he’ll be around well into the “shocking” season finale, and that even though he’ll do some pwetty tewibble things to Bon Temps during his stay (yep, he’s moving in!), don’t judge too quickly. “People will see that I have a heart, but they’re just going to be frustrated that I’m not being who I was meant to be,” he says, “I suffered a lot of dysfunction, and I just need a lot of love.” Sources have also revealed that Tommy might be working to Sam at Merlotte’s soon enough, so watch out for that, ’cause that seems to be where all truly terrible people end up at one time or another. (Note: Hands off Arlene, too, buddy. She’s with child.)

Marybeth in Laurel, Md.: Anything good coming up for Tara on True Blood?
That depends on your definition of good. Rutina Wesley tells us our ever-troubled bartender “is gonna struggle with this vampire lover named Franklin Mott. He’s very psychological and very hard. So this relationship is not necessarily by choice.” Probably not your definition of good, huh? One thing you don’t have to worry about? Tara becoming a vamp herself. “Probably not,” she says. “I love being human. It’s like I’m one of the only humans on the show!”

Sounds like Sam’s going to have his hands full with one unruly little brother. But after Maryann and the black-eyed zombies, we think Sam’s up to the challenge. It’s a relief to hear that Tara “probably” isn’t in line to be turned into a vampire. Maybe she could win a cruise instead.

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  1. WereDonkey

    June 29, 2010 at 2:52 pm

    I wonder if Tommy Mickens is going to make a move on Jessica? I can’t imagine any other girls near his age he would be interested in Bon Temps. Arlene is pregnant, Tara has Franklin, Sookie is taken, Jane Boadhouse is way to old and trashy, and then there’s the slutty chick that works at the police station answering phones. But she seems to old for him, too. SPOILER: Maybe he’ll try to steal Crystal Norris from Jason? Now that I can see happening! Or maybe he’s the guy that Crystal cheats on Jason with? Ek! I can’t wait!

    • Froggy

      June 30, 2010 at 7:07 pm

      Why not crystal? In the books she cheats on Jason when she’s prego with his kid. You know the show likes to twist things in the plot to differ from the books; I’d say it’s probable.