True Blood News: Mehcad Brooks in GQ, Episode Recaps, Kitty-sodes

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We’ve got a few True Blood pips and blurbs for your Hump Day:

  • First up, check out Mehcad Brooks, looking fine in Dolce & Gabbana swim trunks in the July issue of GQ.
  • The Examiner‘s Matt Carter has his recap of episode 3.03, “It Hurts Me Too”, ready for your reading pleasure. He talks about a “whole new level of disturbing” which last Sunday’s episode brought us to. Many agree, Matt.
  • True Blood fans Suzy and Greta filmed their cats reinacting a Tara & Lafayette scene from season 1.
  • TV Squad ranks the Eric/Sookie scene from season 2 at number 10 on their list of Hottest Scenes on TV.
  • Christa from The Examiner tells us where to find Pam’s lip liner from episode 3.02, should we be wanting to go for the “I’m so nice, I always wear pink” look.

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