SPOILERS: New Animal On The Prowl On True Blood

Werepanthers arrive on True Blood


William Keck at TVGuide.com has our first look at True Blood‘s latest scary animal: a panther. No one’s saying much, but bookies can piece this together. Haven’t read the books yet? Don’t worry, we’ll decipher the photo for you. The people of Hotshot – the little town where we met Calvin Norris and Crystal Norris during the meth bust – are weres. In fact, they’re werepanthers. We’re going to speculate that this gorgeous girl is Crystal Norris, having revealed herself to Jason. Will this storyline play out with the same results as the books? We’re thinking Jason’s choice of that hat with the panther applique wasn’t by chance.

As excited as I am that True Blood is using real wolves and panthers, I have to admit that those days on set would be pretty scary!

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  1. Beautyful !! Great pic , thank´s for posting .

  2. That why we love true blood. It’s REAL, not computer-something animals (which movies am I referring to?). :)

  3. beautiful animal

  4. So is a werepanther a cross between werewolf and panther. And how does that work since cats and dogs are enemy by nature?

    • Werepanthers are just like werewolves, only…panthers. There’s no inter-species breeding; there are simply different species of were-creatures out there.

    • There are lots of different Were-Creatures in fiction. Werepanthers and Werewolves are just two of many! :)