CASTING NEWS: Meet Claude!

Ah ha! True Blood was casting Claude for season 4, those sneaky peeps! Deadline has the scoop on that role plus two more:

Neil Hopkins cast as Claude in True Blood season 4

Neil Hopkins cast as Claude

Christina Moore (That ’70s Show, Hawthorne) has been cast as Suzanne McKitterick, the Texas housewife whose parties for her fellow ‘shifters draws Sam’s attention.

Chris Butler (The Good Wife) will play Emory Broome, another shifter who may or may not have a connection to Suzanne.

Neil Hopkins (Lost) landed the role of Claude, brother of Claudine, whose character hasn’t even been hinted at on the show. In the books, he’s a gorgeous, vain, gay male stripper. Something tells me he won’t be quite the same on True Blood.

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  1. Hmm not sure about this. I kind of pictured someone along the lines of “Brad Pitt” georgous.
    I will wait and see what the camera does for him cause it ain’t happenin for me. I wouldn’t stop and stare at him if he walked into the room :( And thats whats supposed to happen!

  2. I agree Kimberly.

  3. I think he’s PERFECT! Those eyes! He’s gorgeous!

  4. I really was hoping my guess about the other actor (whose name escapes me…) was correct. But that said, something with him just doesn’t feel right to me and I finally placed it- he looks startlingly like Sam! And really, doesn’t Sam have enough siblings to worry about?

    But I’ll have an open mind about it. I know the show is an entirely different creature than the books, but I really had envisioned both Claude and Claudine so much differently. Well, and I certainly didn’t plan on Claude looking like a long lost Merlotte.

  5. He has better “stage” presence than his pictures give him credit for, I think he might be interesting. We shall see… :)

  6. he looks like Joel Mchale from the soup… i definately pictured someone unbelievably good looking coz thats the way that they portray the character… this guy is ok looking but i was really looking for another Eric i suppose… or even Ryan Kwantan.. But i guess this is just one picture.. he needs to fire his make up artist…. he looks orange… He does have beautiful eyes.. lets hope he can pull off gay and selfish!

  7. Remember, all you avid book readers, Claude is a Fae, and they naturally draw people to them without even trying. Wait until you see him in action, then judge, if you will. I did picture him a little more muscular and darker hair, but who knows, maybe he is just what we are looking for. How many of you pictured Bill, Sookie, and Eric the way they look on the show, or even Alcide, I pictured him totally different, but the actor who plays him, portrays him well.

  8. I think he will do well as claude . Cant wait for season 4 .

  9. Hmm I’m kind of curious to see how this turns out but like some people said the show is a bit different than the books so we will see!