True Blood Season 4: Who Is Portia Bellefleur?

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We are continuing our series of features about the new characters coming to True Blood in the new season. We’ll be taking a look at these new characters using both information from casting calls and from the novels on which the show is based. Beware, spoilers ahead!

Who Is Portia Bellefleur

Courtney Ford cast on True Blood season 4

Courtney Ford will play Portia Bellefleur

Portia Bellefleur is one character that many fans have been waiting to see brought to life in Alan Ball’s True Blood. Portia is Andy Bellefleur’s sister. She is a lawyer by profession, and very proud of her family heritage. Portia and Andy live with their grandmother, Caroline, in the once grand, antebellum house that is now decaying and ruined; the Bellefleur money being long gone and brother and sister too busy to keep it up.

The books describe Portia as “built as squarely as her brother, but she had long, thick, chestnut hair that she kept beautifully tended. It was the one sign that she had not completely given up yet.” She wasn’t overly fond of Sookie and definitely did not like Bill Compton. However, that did not stop her from using Bill to try finding Lafayette’s murderer in “Living Dead in Dallas”. Lafayette’s body had been discovered in Andy’s car.

Since Lafayette is definitely not dead in True Blood, we do not yet know how she will be introduced in the series, or what her function will be. The casting call describes her as “easy on the eyes and sharp in the courtroom. The casting call also specifies that the actresses auditioning must be comfortable with nudity.” The role was won by  Courtney Ford .

Portia Bellefleur in Brief

Sex: Female
Species: Human
Age: Just past 30
Status: Single
Relatives: Andy, brother; Caroline, grandmother
Occupation: lawyer
Location: Bon Temps

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  1. NG

    January 6, 2011 at 3:25 pm

    I suspect that Portia will serve as Selah Pomphrey’s role in the series and she will date Bill while he’s on the outs with Sookie. I don’t remember the books explaining why Bill would agree to date Portia in the first place, but it yanked Sookies chain that he did.

    • Liz

      January 6, 2011 at 4:51 pm

      In “Living Dead in Dallas”, there is a fight between FoTS members and vampires, including Eric, Bill and Chow. Bill took off after the fleeing humans and killed some of them. You know how Sookie feels about that. She was angry with Bill so she leaves him in Dallas, ‘breaking up’ with him. Portia dates Bill to try and gain entrance to a party involving a group she thinks was responsible for Lafayette’s death. Bill goes along with the dating thing to make Sookie jealous.

      That’s what happened in the book.