True Blood Season 4: Who Is Claude Crane?

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This is part 2 in our series of features about the new characters coming to True Blood in season 4. We’ll be taking a look at these new characters using both information from casting calls and from the novels on which the show is based. Beware, spoilers ahead!

Who Is Claude Crane?

Season 4 will introduce us to Claude Crane, brother to Claudine, cousin to Sookie. Curiosity over who will be chosen to play the stunningly beautiful, self-centered, faerie was settled when “Lost” actor Neil Hopkins won the part.

Neil Hopkins will play "Claude" on True Blood

Claude doesn’t appear in the books until the fifth novel, “Dead as a Doornail”. He is described as being so breathtaking that women are left speechless when they lay eyes on him. Sookie herself is rendered “tense as a high wire” upon first meeting him. Charlaine Harris created him as “six feet tall with rippling, black hair, muscular, brown, velour-soft eyes, a chiseled jaw, and a sensuous mouth with a pouty bottom lip.” (I think I need to fan myself a little.) His tell-tale faerie ears have been surgically altered to better fit in with humans.

While in looks no one can compare with Claude, he is a selfish, vain, rude guy. What a contrast to what we see. He started out as a stripper at Hooligans, a club in Monroe, which he later becomes owner of, and has branched out to print and runway modeling. In fact, in the books, he asks Sookie to be his female model for a romance novel, feeling that she is pretty enough without out-shining him. What a catch, but not for the ladies, since Claude is gay.

We don’t know what the plans are for True Blood‘s Claude, but he sure will be fun to look at, whatever that is!

Claude Crane In Brief

Sex: Male
Species: Faerie
Age: Not stated but assumed to be very, very old
Status: Single
Relatives: Grandfather, Niall Brigant; sister, Claudine; nephew of Sookie’s half-human/half-fairy grandfather, Fintan, and cousin to Sookie’s father
Occupation: male stripper, club owner, model
Location: Monroe, LA

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  1. PAW

    January 13, 2011 at 9:35 am

    Damn! CLAUDE is definitely mouth watering. I wanna see him strip. NOW! 🙂

  2. autumn

    January 18, 2011 at 11:22 pm

    Neil Hopkins is awesome! He will be a great addition in True Blood. I can’t wait to see how he transform into this type of character.

    Check out him out in this funny video: and his impression of Christopher Walken: