True Blood Season 4: Who Is Raoul?

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This is part 6 in our series of features about the new characters coming to True Blood in season 4. We’ll be taking a look at these new characters using both information from casting calls and from the novels on which the show is based. Beware, spoilers ahead!

Who Is Raoul?

Today we have a new character from the mind of Alan Ball. Raoul, according to the casting call and some scoop we’ve heard, is the Shreveport packmaster. He’s in his late 30s-early 40s and is described as being intense. Will Raoul challenge Colonel Flood in a territorial war? Maybe he is going to join his pack with Alcide’s against a common enemy. The witches, perhaps? We know from the books that there was a packmaster challenge involving Alcide’s father. It could be that this storyline will be developed in more detail.

It is not clear what part Raoul will play in season 4, but he will be in 7 episodes so we can assume it will be a big one. The role went to Dan Buran.

Raoul In Brief

Sex: Male
Species: Werewolf
Age: Late 30s – early 40s
Status: Unknown
Relatives: Unknown
Occupation: Packmaster
Location: Shreveport, LA

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