PHOTOS: 22 More True Blood Season 4 Stills

HBO released 11 22 more stills for True Blood season 4! We aren’t sure exactly which episodes they belong to, but we do see some characters that were missed in the first batch – Jason, Tara, Nan, Jesus, and newcomer Luna – plus more Sookie, Eric, Bill, Lafayette, Hoyt, Jessica, Andy, and Pam. Check out the full collection in the Gallery.

Updated: Just after I posted, 11 more photos came in!

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  1. LOL! Tara’s like, “For real?”

  2. OMG! I can’t wait for season for! I’m beyond addicted! If you’ve read the book series, be excitied for this season! Sookie and Eric=best ever <3 Love love love :D

  3. Tara: Ohh, she looks amazing! So, so, so glad those short braids are gone; she looks fantastic with her hair like that.

    Nan: Kind of glad to see Nan is back, I always thought that she was one of the characters that needed little more backstory to her. Plus her attitude was definitely entertaining.

    Jason: Still cute, kind of a girly jacket he’s got on there…

    Mystery girl: Who’s that?

    LaFayette ad Jesus: Yaaay! They’re back as well, I loved them together.

    • The mystery girl is Luna, Sam’s new love interest. I hope she appreciates how he wears his jeans. ;)

  4. I feel Bill has blown it too many times for
    sook to keep forgiving. Not to mention, to me he looks too old for her.
    I keep hoping Eric will come around emotionally and be a far better protector for Sook.
    I do have to say I dont like how drastically Sook is changing.. becoming more like a bad girl..
    Still anxiously awaiting for season 4.
    NO Baggering of my comment please..

  5. They are being very coy holding back all of the AE photos…and there should have been one of Alcide.

  6. They are being very coy holding back all of the AE photos…