Sam Trammell on Sam’s Rage, Shapeshifting, & Romance

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Sam Trammell spoke with Ian Spelling about what’s coming up for Sam Merlotte on True Blood this season. He had to be careful about spilling the big twists, but shed more light on Sam’s relationship with Luna (listen to our interview with Janina Gavankar):

“Luna is a very interesting character, and Sam is very attracted to her,” Trammell said. “She’s not just beautiful, but she’s also mysterious. She’s like Sam in the sense that she doesn’t want to reveal a lot about herself, about her past or who she is. Throughout the season those secrets start to reveal themselves to Sam, and some of them put Sam in danger.

“So what you’ve got is that Sam has given up the danger of being around the birth family you saw in Season 3 for this new danger of being around this community of shape-shifters, and especially Luna,” the actor explained. “He’s exchanged one kind of danger for another. There are some real surprises involving Luna, and let’s just say that the birth family that I thought I’d cut myself off from comes back to haunt me as well in Season 4.”

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  1. Vanessa

    June 26, 2011 at 2:11 pm

    ahhh I loved her as Papi on The L World . I’m sure she’s gonna play Luna very well. Luna is definitely an interesting character. Looking forward to tonight.