EXCLUSIVE: Courtney Ford on Dexter, True Blood & Portia Bellefleur

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We got our first look at Courtney Ford as Portia Bellefleur in tonight’s True Blood season premiere, but True-Blood.net had the opportunity to talk with Courtney a couple of weeks ago about her role as Andy’s sister. The full interview will air on this week’s True Blood Radio vodcast, but here are some teasers:

Working on Dexter gave her nightmares.

Courtney admits that while she used to think horror movies were cool when she was little, now she finds them terrifying. So what happens when you work on a show with horror elements, like her role on Dexter? “Every single script I read gave me nightmares,” Courtney recalls.

Third time’s a charm on True Blood!

Portia was the third role Courtney auditioned for on True Blood. The first was shapeshifter Daphne in season 2, then she auditioned for Debbie Pelt in season 3. Why didn’t she get the role of Debbie? The height difference between her and Joe Manganiello was too vast. For Portia, she pulled out all the stops. “I went in there and delivered my lines like a bulldozer…but with some Southern charm.” Yep, that sounds like the Portia Bellefleur we know!

Janina Gavankar on her fellow newbie.

When we interviewed Janina Gavankar who plays Luna, one thing that ended up on the cutting room floor was her gushing about fellow newbie Courtney: “Courtney is such a great person; I took her out for Umami burgers to talk about our characters and we really bonded. I love her.  And she looks so gorgeous on the show. Her eyes just pop!” We agree!

Listen to our full interview with the very sweet Courtney Ford on this week’s True Blood Radio vodcast, releasing Tuesday, June 28. And be sure to wish Courtney a happy birthday on Monday, June 27!

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  1. Kay Bear

    June 27, 2011 at 10:01 pm

    Her eyes really did pop! I noticed that instantly. Though her role in Dexter didn’t make me too fond of her character in it (I refrain from other details cause I don’t wanna be a spoiler XD), but her as an actress was really great! Can’t wait to see how everything unfolds in the world of TB with our new additions!