Alan Ball Sheds Light on Season Opener

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There’s been a lot of commenting on last night’s True Blood season premiere about some of the things that occurred and how much went on in one episode. We totally loved it and I’m glad that Alan took the time to give us some details. Alan Ball explains what the intent was in moving the story forward a year and a half. “We wanted to get all of our characters into somewhat of a new place. To give Jason (Ryan Kwanten) time to have actually become a sheriff’s deputy. To have Bill (Stephen Moyer) be the king. To have Arlene (Carrie Preston)’s baby be born.”

Alan explains Tara’s choice in new partners as well, crediting Rutina Wesley for being so brave and willing to attempt going this route with her character. “Look at Tara’s history with men,” he suggested. “If anybody has a reason to try something new, I think she does. It didn’t seem like it was that outlandish given her history and who the character was.” That makes sense! Tara went through an awful lot of hurt the first three seasons, and it was all done by men. Also, Tara has been itching for a change from Bon Temps since we first met her. It looks like change is doing her a good turn.


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  1. eleanor tivnan

    June 28, 2011 at 4:25 pm

    hi mel and liz, i have a lot to say about episodes one and two….. i thought there were a lot of clues/hints going on. who is eric’s friends in high places..bill tells sookie… is it niall or maybe the AP… or is nan taking the AP’s place… obviously the authority is taking the cousels place…(what do you think). marnie seemed to turn into hallow when lafayette joined in….is hallow laf’s relative or something. eric bought the house…already knew that was going to happen…good move on eric’s part. seems like everyone has moved on in the past year but eric….he waited for her return… bill, sam, tara, have new lives….. but eric fixed up the house and waited….he knew….think that AB is moving us along in eric’s direction nicely….if bill lovers don’t see threw him now ….well that is just sad….can do without arlene and terry…sorry…can do without tara too…like jason’s storyline so far…what has AB done to poor andy. other clues…nan let’s us know that she can eliminate bill without a problem…again bill lies… he’s playing katerina and portia it looks like…he really misses sookie that’s a joke….. he also seems afraid of eric….why couldn’t he order eric to sell sook’s house to him….he is the king. love how eric built the cubby…. genious. bill lets sook walk in on him and katerina..yes bill still loves sookie, don’t think he ever did…..eric obviously has the feelings. love the way pam mentions that to ‘fairy princess sookie’ seems like eric and pam know something more…still think that eric is friends with niall….. supposedly niall shows up in season 5….have you heard… have you also heard that AB wants to end at season 5….hope not….can’t wait to see alcide wonder if he is taking quinn’s place….wonder if bill is taking andre’s place and hadley and hunter are still amoungst the missing but no one notices….. do we really know what else hadley said to eric….is tara taking amelia’s place gay and all…..also looks like claudine and claude are scared of mab…. seems like sookie is more powerfull that mab….sook must be the true princess……. a lot to swollow…. would love to hear your opinions…. miss the talk show a lot… will be at comic con on friday only but am staying in san diego for the four days….will be in CA on the july 14 maybe go to the affair Kristin bauer is throwing ….waiting for hubby to give me an answer. hope you guys get time to write back…. ellie