Most Shocking Moments From True Blood Premiere

Our gal pals, Becky and Shannon at BuzzSugar, list their six most shocking moments from Sunday night’s True Blood premiere, “She’s Not There”. There were definitely some pretty gasp-worthy twists to start us off!

What shocked you the most from this episode? Comment below!

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  1. The most shocking part and if I may say so…I NEVER imagined Alan Ball would be doing is the part where Bill is now the King of Louisiana. I mean, WTF? Really? I wanna kill Bill. HAHA I hope Eric finds a way to dethrone him.

  2. Does anyone know what the “shocking romance” referenced in several spoilers was supposed to be? Was that Tara and the girl?

  3. To be honest, I was also shocked at how little airtime the main characters got. I think Jesus might have had equal time with Bill and Eric.

    • Well, he is a series regular, so technically he’s one of the main characters.

      • I am curious Mel, are you apart of the making of True Blood and connected with Alan Ball?

        • No, as noted on the site, we’re an independent fansite. We’ve had the opportunity to interview Alan Ball and a lot of the cast members, but alas they don’t ask us for our story ideas.

          • Just a fan site ok that’s what I thought… I only asked because sometimes your comments seem so all knowing and stern when anyone either has an opinion or maybe a theory about the show. Don’t mean to come off rude by any means, only way I could describe it. Just made me go “hmm..”

          • After 3+ years of running this site, we’ve learned that we have to run a tight ship around here or it turns into the IMDb message boards. Not what we’re going for. ;) We do tend to have knowledge of things coming down the pike, too, in addition to a view of the big picture that fans sometimes forget.

  4. i think terry and arlenes baby looks a little too old, since she was only 9 weeks pregnant and the end of last season. that’d make hime only 5 months or so and he seems farther along then that. i also don’t have kids, so i could be totally wrong.

    how the hell did Tommy end up with Maxine? that definetly surprised me!

  5. Just curious Mel, are you somehow connected with the show or with Alan Ball?

  6. does anyone know where those horses came from? right after we see Sam with his so-called “support group,” and how will they tie in with the rest of the season?? hmmm, just wondering… 8-D

  7. okay, so disregard my last question that I posted on here, (it would seem as though, you’ve already done that, though) lol!
    Sorry, in hindsight, that was ignorant of me to ask…