Anna Paquin: “Sookie is about as radically different from me as you could possibly come up with.”

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The Deccan Herald have published an article and conversation with Anna on their website. The article talks about her role as Sookie and rise to fame.

While True Blood has grown into an increasingly popular and crucial part of HBO’s lineup, its centre has always been Paquin’s performance as Sookie, a beacon of curious, increasingly cynical humanity in a world of werewolves, witches and thousand-year-old beefcake.

As the series has chronicled Sookie’s passage from innocence to experience, it has provided a parallel journey for Paquin, on which her maturation as an actor has come with unforeseen benefits. Comparing herself to her character,  Paquin, 28, said: “She doesn’t know just how big what she’s getting herself into is, so she proceeds with full-force Sookie energy.

That’s something she and I have in common — completely different circumstances. If I’d known what I was getting myself into, would I have charged full-steam ahead? Who knows. I love where I am now.”

(read the full interview here…)

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