Friday Five: True Blood Podcasts You Should Be Watching

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Creating the podcast each week is some of the most fun Mel and I have as part of running this site. We have a great editor who makes us look really good and we have all of you who email and comment with your thoughts and ideas. In today’s Friday Five we focus on other podcasts that have caught our attention, and we think you should give them a look-see.

  1. The Fangbanger Podcast – Run by Mike Wilkerson and David Carite, these guys are not new to the podcasting world. They’ve had successful runs with their 24, Terminator and Dexter Podcasts, and are branching out to the wild and crazy world of vampires, including True Blood, Creature Features and more. Mike and David are just 2GuysTalking!
  2. Blood Work – Andy and Brian run this original podcast to recap each episode of True Blood in their own weird and wonderful way. Using unique props and adding their own brand of humor, these two keep us laughing with their analysis.
  3. Boomtron – The ladies of Ice and Fire venture into new territory as they expand their podcast, which has been largely focused on Game of Thrones. Elena and Rachel invited us on their podcast to discuss True Blood and the Sookie Stackhouse novels recently, and we had so much fun that we think you should add them to your list.
  4. Blood Angels – Leala and Dana run the popular Game Dames podcast where they discuss gaming from a female’s point of view, and they do it quite well. We recently found out that they are avid True Blood fans and they’ve just begun their podcast with season four. These gals know what they’re doing so give them a run!
  5. Think Hero – Roth Cornet hosts this True Blood podcast among many others. She conducts a lively breakdown of every episode, at times inviting a guest to come along for a chat. She’s fun, she’s cute, she’s a Truebie; what’s not to love!
There you have it! Ahem, of course at the top of all your lists should always be Radio. Just sayin’!

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  1. Sangre

    July 17, 2011 at 7:38 pm

    I like Roth’s (Think Hero) reviews of True Blood. I’m subbed to Think Hero’s YouTube channel just for her reviews.