Ryan Kwanten Shares Comic Con Moments

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Ryan Kwanten will be busy at this year’s Comic Con, not just joining his co-stars on the True Blood panel, but he’s got his own thing going on to promote his new films, “The Knights of Badassdom” and “Griff the Invisible”. 

Ryan has just as much fun at Comic Con as we do, and he shared some of his experiences with THR:

THR: What do you remember about your first Comic-Con?
It was before True Blood premiered and came at the end of filming Season 1 and we had yet to showcase the first episode. We heard that because ofCharlaine Harris’ books that there were a fair amount of fans there. We were in Hall H and we packed it without any coverage at all. There were large expectations on us and we were pleasantly received. Thank God because they tend to be a good gauge of what’s cool and what’s not. (THR)


Ryan also shares some good advice for first-time Comic Con attendees, and talks a bit about filming his latest project,  The 20-Something Survival Guide.

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