Kristin Bauer: Pam would probably get a tattoo portrait of Eric.

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Oh Kristin Bauer, how we adore you. In a new interview with Vanity Fair, the inimitable Kristin gives a no-holds-barred take on Comic Con, her dislike of capes, interactions with True Blood fans, Pam’s fashion sense and bond with Eric, the alleged feud between Alexander Skarsgard and Ryan Kwanten, and arm-wrestling Anna Paquin:

Eric Spitznagel: I just watched last Sunday’s show, and once again you had the best line of the night.

Kristin Bauer: Which one? “Fuck, eat, and kill”?

That’s it. Was Pam being hyperbolic, or was that a real threat?

No, she was being very literal. And I also took the order literally. You have to do that stuff in the right order. If you fuck somebody after you kill them, that’s a whole other ball game.

So she’s a monster but she’s also classy?

Exactly, a serial killer with integrity.

What a great lesson for the kids, who might take this show too seriously.

God, yeah. I do worry about some of the fans. The majority of them are fantastic, but there are about two percent for whom the line between reality and fantasy is blurred.

(Choosing an excerpt for this was HARD. Go read the whole thing. You’ll thank me later.)

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