True Blood Fashion Q&A: Luna’s Dress, Tara’s Jacket, Marnie’s Top

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True Blood costume designer Audrey Fisher is loving that you all are so interested in what she chooses for the characters to wear. We let her know which items get the most inquiries, and sometimes it surprises her to find out that a specific piece struck such a chord with viewers. Clearly she’s good at her job.

Q.  I love Luna’s dress from this week’s episode – the black dress with pink feathers, where can I find it? – Dags

A. Isn’t it adorable? That Luna has some style! It’s by Pins & Needles, a brand you can find at Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie. The dress was from last year, so is no longer available in stores, but I’ll bet it shows up on eBay soon.

Q. Where can someone (me) find Tara’s leather biker jacket from episode three? – Andrea

A. You are not alone in seeking that jacket, Andrea. We had several emails come in after Tara return to Bon Temps rocking a hot new look. The leather jacket is by Sound & Matter, but Audrey says, “I totally got every last one, I swear!” Tara wears that item in several episodes, so Audrey had to buy multiples and apparently cleaned out L.A.

Q. I’d love to see a better visual of and know more about that purple beaded sweater that Marnie is wearing in Ep 40, during her conversations with Lafayette & Jesus about why she can’t undo the spell on Eric. Can you tell me more about that?  Thanks so much. – Kathee

A. It’s actually a navy top, Kathee, although it “reads” purple on screen. That always throws me for a loop. It’s by Free People, from their Winter 2011 line.

NOTE: Here at the beginning of the season we’ll be seeing a lot of items that were sourced as long as 10 months ago and are no longer available. The gap between airdates and production will close swiftly, though, so don’t despair! Items we see in later episodes have a better chance of being in stores.

That’s a wrap for this week. Do you have a burning True Blood fashion question? Drop us a line or comment below and we’ll do our best to get the answer for you!

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  1. Kathee

    July 23, 2011 at 6:36 pm

    Wow, thanks for the info on Marnie’s top. What about that gorgeous, form-fitting top (black with lots of red roses) that Jessica wears in episode 1?

    Thanks again,