Janina Gavankar Does Comic Con and Continues the Star Wars Saga

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Janina Gavankar (Luna) is here at the San Diego Comic Con and if you’ve been following her tweets, you’ll know that she’s having as much fun as she can find. In a little chat with Wetpaint, Janina talked only a little about Luna and Sam and where they are headed this season. And of course, the Star Wars saga continues between her and Marshall Allman (Tommy Mickens). “He’s an incredibly unprofessional actor and I am appalled that he even went for it, and I kept a straight face because I was disgusted the entire time. That’s my official quote.” We’ll call this one “The Return of the Jedi-Shifter”.

Janina is also cruising the floor at Comic Con, looking for the coolest swag and chatting about it on HBO Connect. After experiencing a True Blood episode viewing once, she had so much fun she wants to do it again. So Janina is putting out the call for fans to tell her where to go to watch True Blood with a bunch of fans. “Tell everybody to tweet at me at @Janina and tell me of different [places to go to and watch True Blood] and I’m not going to tell anybody — I’m just going to randomly show up. In L.A. and the surrounding area, I’ll travel. ”

Janina will be tweeting everything from the Con from now until Sunday for HBO. “I’m going to be totally geeking out for everybody. I’m just excited to be a part of something where I can share it with a bunch of people.”

What do you say, Truebies?

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