HBO Connect: Sam Trammell Answers Fan Questions

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True Blood star Sam Trammell connected with fans on HBO Connect today following his outstanding performance in last night’s episode. Here are some of the questions and answers from the live chat:

Q: “Since about third season of TB Sam is definitely showing us his dark side. Do you think that it may totally overtake him?”

A: Sam Trammell “I don’t think so . . . Sam’s working through his issues. He’s grown a lot as a person since killing those two people. This struggle and growth is interesting to play and hopefully watch.”

Q: “How do you feel about Sam’s new love interest?”
A: Sam Trammell “Janina ia an exceptional actress and fun and funny–so I love working with her–and I think Luna is good for Sam right now (she’s not leading him to be staked in the heart at least).”

Q: “How did you prepare for your transformation into Tommy? “
A: Sam Trammell “I of course spent a lot of time with him on set–that’s almost all I needed–though I did watch and re watch his season 3 performances.”

Q: “Did you like the books? “
A: Sam Trammell “I’ve read the first four books–yes. Charlaine Harris a blast to hang with–smart, savy and likes to laugh.”

Q: “Don’t you just absolutely live your job?”
A: Sam Trammell “YES! Funnest job in town.”

Q: “What’s in store for Sam and Luna?”
A: Sam Trammell “Drama, drama and drama. And maybe some sex.”

Q: “Do you think you will ever find true love on True Blood?”
A: Sam Trammell “I think I’ll get close . . . I don’t know.”

Q: “How did you like playing two people?”
A: Sam Trammell “I loved it . . . I kinda want everyone in the show to turn into Sam down the line.”

Q: “Is the collie as adorable in person as it seems on camera?”
A: Sam Trammell “Yes. There are actually two Collies: Dusty and Duffy. And then there’s a stuffed one we use here and there called Stuffy. Not kidding.”

Q: “Can you tell us what’s coming up with your character and his brother Tommy?”
A: Sam Trammell “There could quite possibly be hell to pay . . . that’s all I’m saying.”

Q: “Is Felix The Armadillo as cute in person as on screen?”
A: Sam Trammell “Uhhhhh I don’t know if you could tell but he was, let us say, relieving himself all over Todd the whole time.”

Q: “How is it to work with wolves?”
A: Sam Trammell “They’re very skittish. No attention span whatsoever. I mean, they’re beautiful to look at. Just totally wild animals.”

Keep an eye on HBO Connect for more opportunities to chat with the True Blood cast!

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  1. Jessica

    August 1, 2011 at 10:19 pm

    I love Sam!! Glad to see the soft side again this season.