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Jim Parrack gets the star treatment in this month’s issue of DA MAN magazine with a gorgeous photoshoot and a lovely interview. Jim talks about working on True Blood, his passion for acting, and branching out into directing and producing. Jim’s love and respect for his wife shines through in every interview which is one of the reason I will always read/hear what he has to say. He’s one of the good ones!

DA MANTell us about True Blood, how you came to be on the show?
Jim ParrackTrue Blood is a total blessing. I went in for the part of Hoyt, which was very small at the time and the character description was literally ‘the most nondescript human being ever’ and I thought, ‘Well, that’s either an insult or an opportunity.’ Then, I sat and talked with [True Blood Executive Producer] Alan Ball for nearly an hour and he made me feel very comfortable and we talked about Texas and growing up in a small town. The next day, I got the call that they wanted me and wanted to make the part [Hoyt Fortenberry] a regular. It was such a blessing. It has added a lot of public credibility to my career because when you cast an actor, you are in essence vouching for them. To have Alan and HBO vouch for me opened a ton of doors and to be able to act the great scenarios that our writers come up with, gives me the opportunity to put rare work out there. I say rare because an actor can’t ever be any better than the situation he gets to act and they give me extraordinary situations to act.

DA MANHoyt’s relationship with Jessica involves a lot of, often racy, on-screen intimacy, what does your wife think about that?
Jim Parrack: Gracefully. She is terrific. My wife is an extraordinary and exciting actress, so she knows the dream of getting to act a story as great as the one Deb [Deborah Ann Woll] and I have been given. She is supportive and she and I are open and talk about anything that may come up. When we all started, I reached out to Deb’s boyfriend, EJ, who has now become a good friend and just made my intentions clear to him and told him if he ever wanted to talk I’d be happy to. If you go about it with patience and respect, it really is possible to not get tangled up in hurt feelings and suspicions. But, it probably costs Ciera more than I know to handle it all so well.

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    Wow! He is adorable inside & out! Ciera is a very blessed woman.