Deborah Ann Woll Is Thrilled That People Dress as Jessica for Halloween

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In an new interview with the UK edition of GQ Magazine, Deborah Ann Woll says that filming True Blood is like celebrating Halloween every day, but with less candy. She also talks about how excited she is to see people dressing up as her character, Jessica Hamby, for Halloween. Here’s an excerpt:

Do you see many people dressed up as Jessica for Halloween?
I do! People often will send pictures of their Jessica costumes to the Facebook fan page that we run. They do a good job. A lot of people are dying their hair – go redheads! It’s interesting too to see that they pick. Some will do the Merlotte’s waitress uniform, a lot will do the yellow dress from season two and this year we got one of a girl who wore this great plaid shirt over a little bustier from season four. You’ll see…

Do you know you’ve made it when you’re inspiring Halloween costumes?
I guess so. I sort of knew I’d made it when Google stopped autocorrecting my name. It used to change “Woll” into “Wool”. Suddenly, one day Google recognised me and I knew everything was good.

(Read the full interview here…)

True Blood season 4 premieres on FX UK in January 2012.


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