True Blood Earns Dorian Award Nominations

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The Dorian Awards, given by the Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association, announced their nominations in a variety of categories today, and True Blood picked up two.

  • LGBT-Themed TV Show of the Year
  • Campy (Intentional or Not) TV Show of the Year

That last category makes me giggle. I’d say True Blood is well aware of how campy it can get! The organization’s patron saint is Oscar Wilde, and the Dorian Awards reflect members’ nominations from a variety of categories, not just LGBT-centric. Winners will be announced January 16.

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  1. Bethany

    January 12, 2012 at 7:03 am

    Charlaine Harris was honored by at least one of the GLBT associations. That being said I am not surprised that True Blood is following the same line. For a show that is not directly about gay or lesbian storylines, it covers them with a style and grace that I have not seen anywhere else. I am actually shocked that they only got 2 nods. Charlaine has always said she views the plight of the homosexual community as her basis for the plight of the vampires (and other supes). They come out of the coffin (or closet-hidey-hole) and have to fight to receive even remotely equal rights as citizens of this planet. They are viewed as monsters for their differences (although I think the fact that they drink human blood and kill people does give the monster edge to the vamps) and because Vamps (and other supes) live such long lives, they have gotten over the sexual taboos that limit their views. I for 1 (and I am straight) have always loved how flawlessly they have covered the homosexual storylines in both the books and shows, not making it a “Hey, look…We are doing a gay storyline” type thing. It just is what it is, and that is how it really is in life.

    Congrats to the nominees.