PHOTOS: On Set with Alexander Skarsgard & Ryan Kwanten

Journalist/Director/Producer Fabien Constant was on the set of True Blood season 5 yesterday and snapped a couple of photos with stars Alexander Skarsgard and Ryan Kwanten.

We have very little context for these photos, but that won’t stop us from speculating! They should be wrapping 5.03 now, and Ryan is still sporting a black eye from the slugs Jason takes in episode 5.02 (<–warning! spoilers!). Will Jason’s pretty face be marred all season? As for Alex, well, a zipped up hoodie doesn’t give us much to work with, but I’d guess he’s either shirtless or wearing an iconic black tank underneath. He has the slicked back Eric hair, too.

What clues can you garner from these two shots?

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  1. Steph from

    It looks like Ryan Kwanten has a new bruise on his eye? And that the guy’s arm is not long enough.

    • Yeah, I speculated about the bruise in the text above.

    • I heard “extras” were being fired for taking photos in and around the set of season 5. I wonder if this guy got his walking papers too?

      • No, he didn’t take unauthorized photos. The ones who are being fired are taking photos without permission and posting them online. They’re also cracking down on “fans” who go on location and take pictures. It’s too bad some people feel the need to do stuff like that.

  2. I speculate Alex hasn’t lost any of his steamy hotness over the break…yum!!

    • Yes, that’s the first thing I thought – he is so unbelievably hot. Let’s hope there is nothing under the hoodie!

  3. Micheal McMillian also tweeted a really adorable photo of him with Alex not a long time ago, have you guys seen that picture too?:)

  4. The guys look great .Alex haven`t lost any of his sexyness still no handsome talented man / Ryan still looks hot despite the bruise . bring on season 5 . i can`t wait . I love the show .. I miss my sherriff Eric . Going to watch season 1-4 saturday I love Alexander scenes the best on the show .he gives his all . and wish him much success

  5. Are these photos taken from above? Are they cut off, or is that it? Very strange. Can’t wait for S5 to see what actually happens.

  6. I barely notice Alex and Ryan, because that mustache on the other guys is very overwhelming. Good heavens!