VIDEO: Eric, Bill, and a Bunch of Other Hot Guys Saying “I Love You”

The girls over at PopSugar had a great idea for Valentine’s Day: Hollywood’s hottest guys saying those three little words. And yes, Eric and Bill are both in there.

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  1. Barton Leath Landfair-Porter

    I Just Love You Guys And Gals, You Really Helped Me TO WAKEUP…And I Want Send A Virtual Hug To Each And Everyone Of You….I Really Love You That Much….;o)

  2. Thanks for posting this! We had SO much fun “researching!”

  3. Seriously, I have watched like 5 times and where are Eric and Bill??? I even tried watching with my eyes closed to catch voices but they were so fast. Loved the tribute either way, but if anyone could post what times to watch for Eric and Bill, that would rock!

  4. Watched it again and honestly don’t know how I missed them. LOL

  5. The words “i love you” is beginning to lose meaning….. still i think the clip should have more true blood!