Joe Manganiello attends Anne Rice book signing in LA

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Anne Rice fans had a very pleasant surprise at her book signing in Los Angeles last night when Joe turned up unexpectantly. Here’s what Ms Rice had to say about her surprise:

My signing at B&N at the Grove in Los Angeles began with an enormous surprise. My son Christopher had promised this, and a surprise it was: in walked Joe Manganiello (magnificent werewolf Alcide of True Blood) with a bouquet of flowers! I almost died of fan fainting on the spot. He was as beautiful in person as he is on the screen, and irresistibly charming. He escorted me to the table to begin the signing. I am still in a mild state of delicious shock. The signing went three and a half hours and there were wonderful People of the Page there. A great night.

Her assistant will be posting videos of Anne and Joe together soon so keep checking her Facebook page.



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  1. Rina

    February 18, 2012 at 2:04 pm

    Joe sure knows how to romance the ladies.