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True Blood star Joe Manganiello is on the cover of the new issue of OUT magazine, talking about his famed physique, his role in the movie Magic Mike, and, of course, playing a werewolf. I particularly liked this excerpt, showing what a down to earth guy Joe really is:

Joe Manganiello in OUT Magazine

Rawr, Joe!

As Joe flips through the AC/DC discs, a teenager in a black heavy metal T-shirt walks up to him and rapidly says, “I’m going to be annoying, but I’ve got to shake your hand. I am obsessed with the show and I love the werewolves.”

“Thanks, brother,” Manganiello replies. “There’s going to be a whole new pack of werewolves on this season.” He happily poses for some photos, towering over the fan. It’s easy to picture Manganiello as a teen metalhead/raver asking his favorite monster to pose with him for a souvenir.

Manganiello continues browsing and adds a Black Rebel Motorcycle Club CD to his stack. “I love my job so much,” he says. “It utilizes each part of my eclectic personality. There’s the kid who loves monsters, and I can be athletic, but I also love history and I can research wolves and Southern dialects. The dialogue is so rich — it’s Tennessee Williams with Chekhovian layers — and that fulfills my bookwormy playwright side. I’m so fortunate. Plus, I get to have a beard all the time.”

[Read the full interview here…]

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  1. Bethany

    February 21, 2012 at 8:48 pm

    I thought OUT was a magazine about homosexuals who want to let the world know that they are??? I am confused.

  2. Elisha_Q

    February 22, 2012 at 5:48 am

    He is a sex simbol to everyone, why does it mather to you if the magazine is generaly for homosexuals. The article is nice, it shows that he is not a stupid sex toy like when the interviewer is female. Oh and he deffinately has a great taste for music.