Janina Gavankar Wants To Know, “Where Are the Lunatics?”

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Janina Gavankar attended the Toscars, the Brits in LA tribute to the Oscars, with her mom last night, and it sounds like she had a grand time! She mentioned on Twitter that they ran out of food, so her mom went out and bought a pizza. Nice! SocialiteLife clearly enjoyed talking with Janina, who sent out a plea for fans of her True Blood character, Luna, to make themselves known.

Janina Gavankar plays Luna on True Blood season 4

We also talked to True Blood star Janina Gavankar (who plays Luna Garza), who does not yet have a rabid fan base.  ”I wish! ” she joked.  ”I’m like, ‘where are the Lunatics?’ I would be honored to have ‘Lunatics.’”  PS-this chick is a card.  I was laughing my rear off the entire time we chatted.  Garvankar, who brought her mother to the event, told us that all credit must go to the writers of the HBO series.  ”I can already see the growth in my character, and that’s not coming from me,” she said.  ”That’s coming from the writers.  I can’t say enough about the writers.”

How ’bout it, Lunatics? Ready to make matching shirts and cheer for our girl?

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