Ashley Jones Guest Stars on BONES As…Bones!

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Ashley Jones, who starred in True Blood season 2 as Sam’s ill-fated, shapeshifting love (and disciple of Maryann) Daphne, is adding to her acting resume this spring with a guest starring role on Bones, per TVLine. But there’s a twist!

Ashley will appear as the fictional Dr. Brennan in a movie about Booth and Bones, written by Brennan (aka Bones). But wait, there’s another twist! In the movie, Brennan’s name is “Dr. Kathy Reichs”…which is the name of the real life forensic anthropologist who wrote the books that Bones the TV show is based upon.

But wait! There’s more! Booth’s big screen counterpart will be played by Jordan Belfi, who was a recurring star on the 2007-2008 CBS vampire series, Moonlight.

Are you dizzy yet? This episode of Bones, titled “The Suit on the Set”, will air sometime this spring.

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