PHOTOS: Alexander Skarsgard at “The Avengers” Premiere

Alexander Skarsgard strolled the red carpet with his dad, Stellan, for the world premiere of The Avengers. Don’t forget to check out the video too!


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  1. Does anyone notice the dot in the middle of AS’s forehead? I noticed it in pic 3 of 5. Otherwise, great shots.

  2. I luv that hansome man!!!! I’m glad we finally have Alex. That’s nice of him spenting time w/ him for the red capter of Avengers. I would luv to see that movie!!!!!

  3. I have loved Stallen for years. I first knew of him from the Scandinavian ORIGINAL and by far better version of Insomnia. He was amazing in it and I have loved him ever since… I thought the blonde on true blood was hot for almost a whole season before I even paid attention to what his name was! I haven’t done the research but I have probably seen Alex before and not made the connection from all the foriegn films I watch… I adore them both…. uber excited about Battleship too! Wish they could find a way to get Stellan to guest on TB… tht would thrill me to death ! make him one of the authority or a maybe Sookies great grandfather Naill…

  4. I just want to say I love true blood and i am so happy Eric is back I love the old Eric not the nice one lol…