Sookie Book 13 Title Revealed, Plus Charlaine Harris’ Future Plans

Charlaine Harris appeared at the Romantic Times convention in Chicago last night (she’ll be at C2E2 today) and revealed a few pieces of information we thought you’d be interested in, courtesy of Smexy Books:

  • The title of the final Sookie novel, #13, is Dead Ever After. It will be released in May 2013.
  • Syfy picked up [easyazon-link asin="B002DW93AQ"]Harper Connelly[/easyazon-link] to turn into a TV series!
  • Charlaine has signed a three-book deal for new series. It’s a third-person, multiple point of view paranormal mystery, and will probably contain a lot of violence.

Our own Liz is covering C2E2 today, so we’ll see what other tidbits she has to report.

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  1. It will contain a lot of what? Don’t leave me hanging!

  2. I love the title – Dead ever after. Hopefully the perfect finale :)

    • Yes Sookieleana, we both know what the perfect ending would be to us

      • Well share it with the rest of us – what is your perfect ending. I personaly think that she is going to end up with Sam because Sookie has always had a crush on him and she wants to have kids.

        • I meant I am pretty sure we all want Sookie and Eric together till their true death do them apart but just in case my memory is misleading me.

          • I don’t know if we all want her to end of with Eric but I do myself, feel like they gave been the love story since the beginning really even though Bill was her boyfriend… I hope they find a way to be together at the end….

        • My perfect ending is for Sookie to be with Bill and raise Hunter with him if something happened to the father they would make the perfect family! Because unlike Eric be wouldn’t mind if she grew old, he would stick by her side no matter what and Eric could marry his queen.

  3. So it is probably book 13 and season 6 and that is it. Tutto finito :( Why do all good thing come to an end. I swear I feel like a good friend has been diagnosed with cancer and the doctors are saying there is only a year left for her to live. I shouldn’t feel like that, should I ? After all it is just books, but I can’t help it. :(

    • What are you talking about? Just because the book series is ending, doesn’t mean the TV series is. In fact, TB is just getting started.

      • Just getting started – in its 5th season is not just getting started. How many HBO shows do you know with more than 6 seasons. I truly hope for more than 6 because this is the greatest show ever and it has devoted viewers so the ratings are steady. And of course the show now has nothing to do with the books , so book series ending doesn’t necessarily mean that True Blood is going to end, but even The Sopranos got canceled after season 6 . Hope I’m not right though.

      • No I think Elisa_Q’ll might right. I’m guessing True Blood season 6′s the final & last season.

        I heard the writers & the cast signed six years contact. Alex Skarsa said he have two more yrs left, also Steve Moyer said the same thing that the cast all signed six years. Probably they will wrap True Blood up after the 13th & final book came out next year.

        Beside, We don’t known HBO would renew it for sixth season. The show’s running out of ideas lately, & it wouldn’t last long for 9 more season. Do you want your favorite True Blood actor’s becoming a old man or old woman? I don’t known you’re talking about. True Blood has been around 5 years like Euraka. It’s getting old & the cast members want to do other stuff. & I don’t mind they decides to cancel True Blood in sixth season. I think it’s a good idea they want to end next year.

        I got funny feeling that they’re started wrapping up thing up w/ Who’s the Authority & Return of Russell. I think they will save the faery war for best & last season 6.

        • It’s standard practice for actors to sign 6 year contracts when they’re cast on a show, network or cable. They can always sign new contracts if they decide to extend the show beyond season 6.

          • I didn’t believe they’re more making more season after 6th season. It looks like it’s getting a point it’ll end soon,because the writers’re finally revealed they’re putting in too much stuff in this season beside werewolf war like The Authority(& their sercet) & Russell’s coming back. I think they’ll save faery war 4 last for next season.

            & I doubt the actors don’t want to expand their hbo after season 6. Because A lot of stuff are going that they doing lately beside True Blood. Alex’s becoming a Big movie star lately after Battleship & might do a lot of movies in the near future. Also Ryan & Joe would be busy to doing movies,too. Anna & Steve want to having a baby soon together. Kristin has a character on Once Upon A Time & ABC would might make her as original as her character(if it would get might through season 3). Yeah,I think they’re getting close that they don’t do True Blood

  4. I hope so they ends it in Season 6

  5. With Alan Ball leaving the series will end.. and it should. HBO’s not successful series are like comets.. not long drawn out dramas. Let it burn bright for a few years.. and go out with the bang these actors and story deserve. I have no problem with that at all..

    However let’s hope she wraps this series up with the perfect ending.. and not the new fad.. ‘they all walked off in different ways..soon to meet again”

  6. Thanks for the info! Very interesting news indeed.

    Harper C. will make a great series. I hope SyFy does a good job of it.

  7. OMG! The title is sooooo perfect! I just hope the TV series will end the show properly. I mean, 13 books and the last is still on the works, hope they can wait and just wrap things up after the last book is released.

  8. I’m gonna miss reading about Sookie!! I like the TV series but I love the books, I think I’ll draw out the last 2 books :-( It’s a great shame but Congratulations on an amazing run Ms. Harris! I hope I get to see you in Australia one day!!

  9. Well considering how the seasons have used storyline from multiple books, it is a strong possibility that it will only last six season; as is the case with HBO. Personally I do not think it should go past that just because fans watch it; once the writing goes down hill or no new interesting stories can be made, a show should quit. I am a huge Simpson fan but after the 17th season, it should have ended; dragging on the horror show ruins its reputation.