Scott Foley Teases Patrick & Terry in Season 5 {PHOTOS} {SPOILERS}

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Scott Foley joined True Blood in the final episode of season 4, kicking off a story arc for season 5. TVLine has some scoop from Scott about his character, Patrick Devins, plus 2 True Blood season 5 photos, to get us talking.

Scott Foley completely naked and having mad passionate sex — those are two things you won’t be witnessing during True Blood‘s upcoming fifth season.

“It’s so disappointing because I went on a diet, I got into great shape, I lost weight… and nothing,” the Felicity/Unit/Grey’s vet mock-rages about his role of Patrick, Terry’s (Todd Lowe) former commander officer in Iraq who turned up without warning in the Season 4 finale. “Todd and I are the only ones who don’t ‘nude up’ on the show!”

Part of the reason for that, Foley points out, is because Patrick is one of the few True Blood characters that is 100 percent (gulp) human. “People ask me, ‘Oh my God, you’re on True Blood — what are you?!” And I have to keep saying, “Umm… nothing! I’m just a guy!’” he recounts with a laugh. “I’m not a vampire, I’m not a werewolf, I’m not a werepanther, I’m not a fairy, I’m not a shapeshifter. I’m just a guy coming into town trying to finish something he started back in Iraq.”

Speaking of which, what exactly is the nature of his unfinished business with Terry? “Something happened between the two of them in Iraq that needs to be dealt with,” Foley teases. “I can’t say what it is. It has nothing to do with vampires or werelwolves. But there is a mission that they need to complete.”

We already have a pretty good idea what that “unfinished business” is thanks to the casting call for episode 5.04 {SPOILERS}, but the fact that is nothing to do with vampires or werewolves sure is interesting. The article also has a couple of new photos from season 5, featuring Scott Foley and Carrie Preston, that tell us…not much. Patrick is eating breakfast with the Bellefleurs in one, and he looks concerned in both. Welcome to Bon Temps, Patrick!

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