SPOILERS: Scott Foley Reveals a Bit More About His Role

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Scott Foley spilled a little more information about his role in True Blood season 5, and it sounds like Arlene is going to be a single mom again. At least temporarily. Check out this nugget from TVLine:

Question: Do you have any True Blood scoop? The wait is seriously killing me! —Nishens
Ausiello: Terry will spend much of the season on the road with his ex-military buddy Patrick (Scott Foley). “Most of the time we are out in the greater 50 states tracking down other members of our platoon trying to get some closure to this event that happened over in Iraq,” reveals Foley of the duo’s hush-hush storyline, which required “a lot of running and fighting and jumping. There’s a lot of physicality.”

Road trip, huh? So we’ll be traveling outside the Deep South this season?

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