True Blood Mother’s Day Special Feature: Bad-ass Mothers of Bon Temps

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May 13th is Mother’s Day and it’s a day we honor our mom’s, no matter if they gave birth to us or provided us with our every need, and the tools to guide us in our life’s endeavors. But that’s not what this writing is about.

Oh sure, the title would lead you to believe that I’m going to write about the moms of True Blood, like Arlene, Luna, even Gran. You may think that I’m going to praise the wonders of the works of these women. I’m not. No, I want to focus on the disfunctional and crazy. The real ‘mothers’ of Bon Temps, et al. These are the people (and I’m not just talking about the women) who have brought terror, loathing and disgust to our little realm of oddities.

Presenting the bad-ass mothers of Bon Temps.

Rene Lenier went on a murderous rampage, killing anyone who had any kind of relationship with a vampire. This mother went down under Sookie’s effectually applied shovel.

Liam, Diane and Malcolm (considered as one person with three heads) blew into town in all their disgusting glory, using humans for food and entertainment and being all vampire-y. They met their demise in a blaze of fire.

The Magister was the law enforcer in the vampire world. His enjoyment of torture earned him the mother of the year badge, but lost his crown, and his head, to Russell Edgington.

The Rattrays were Bon Temps’ resident trailer trash and bullies. Bill took care of these mothers after their brutal attack on Sookie.

Lorena was the selfish mother who sired Bill Compton. Bad decision on her part since it was through Bill that she met her true death, compliments of Sookie.

Maryann Forrester was the whole package rolled into one. Disgusting, murderous and crazy, this mother meets her end through Sam.

Rev. Steve Newlin is the leader of a hate group and delights in executing his own brand of retribution on non-humans.  Too bad he now is one.

Franklin Mott could give Maryann a run for her money in the crazy/murderous/disgusting department. Let’s add abusive into the mix and you have one scary mother.

Russell Edgington started off being nothing more than a king of vampires. At first glance he seemed like your likable southern gentlemen – until you kill his lover and shove his remains down the garbage disposal. He also has something against anchormen.

Cooter was a hyped up bad-ass mother, with a touch of power hungry.

Melinda and Jo Lee Mickens were the bottom of the barrel mothers, ignorant and selfish.

Marnie Stonebrook was a truly disturbed mother. The “how do you like me now” attitude with one angry, vengeful witch calling the shots made her a dangerous mother.

Sophie-Anne Leclerq was originally on my list but I can’t really classify her as being a mother. She was certainly bad-ass but she was just a young girl trying to enjoy her life, such as it was.

So there you have it! Who’s on our lists, all you True Blood mothers out there? If you don’t see someone on my list, tell me who you would add.

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  1. Eliza Jimenez

    May 11, 2012 at 8:03 am

    Maxine Fortenberry, qualifies as both types of mothers

  2. Holly

    May 12, 2012 at 4:11 pm

    What about Debbie Pelt? Crazy ex-girlfriend of Alcide who turned into a crazy V addict mother and tried to kill Sookie.

  3. Malfunktions

    May 13, 2012 at 9:21 pm

    @Holly- Twice.
    And I would totally agree that both these women should be included!