KC Star Reviews True Blood Season 5, Finds It Good

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The Kansas City Star posted their review of True Blood season 5, and it’s another positive one. Their reviewer goes into some detail, and offers some vague clues, about the season, so beware of spoilers!

It would be risky to use the word bromance about two alpha males with fangs, but sharing a romantic rejection and being locked in a trunk together are great team-building exercises. As the new season gets going, Bill and Eric’s fates are fused, and it’s pure pleasure to watch Moyer and Skarsgard put their twist on the buddy adventure, a nocturnal Butch and Sundance in black leather.

Since the false reports of his death, Russell has become a hero to vampires who are not interested in assimilating with humans, “the Osama Bin Laden of the anti-integration movement,” as the guardian puts it. Once he re-emerges, he’ll have Eric at the top of his to-kill list. Odds are Russell will also come looking for Sookie, and not just for a shot of her Red Bull-esque fairy blood — she dumped his lover’s remains down a garbage disposal in a moment of awesomeness.

If she stays alive without a panting, lovesick supernatural safety net, Sookie will move even further away from Bella Swan territory. When she finally shot conniving weretramp Debbie Pelt with Pelt’s shotgun after Tara took the slug meant for Sookie, a different Sookie began to emerge. She’ll need that toughness to survive what’s coming for her this season.

As fun as it is to watch the former love triangle’s victims as singletons, it can’t last forever, making the start to this season a rare treat. As Bill and Eric put the pieces together about Russell and what his escape means for them and Sookie, you can tell it won’t be too long before the gang’s all together again.


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    June 9, 2012 at 2:05 am

    That link was very informative and it was a major spoiler too lol