Joe Manganiello Shares DJ Duties on KCRW

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Joe Manganiello moonlights as a guest DJ this week with Liza Richardson on KCRW, and he brings with him romance and bromance. He dedicates a couple of songs to his great friend, DJ Z-Trip and talks about the hopeless romantic side of himself. You can download and listen to the show on KCRW’s website. They have also provided the full transcript. Read some excerpts:

Liza Richardson: Hi, I’m Liza Richardson from KCRW and I’m here with actor Joe Manganiello, who plays the werewolf Alcide on HBO’s “True Blood” and stars in Steven Soderbergh’s latest film “Magic Mike”. Today we are going to be talking about songs that have inspired him over the years as part of KCRW’s Guest DJ Project. Joe, welcome.

Joe Manganiello: Thank you. Good to be here.

LR: Let’s start. What did you bring today?

JM: The first song I brought is by a good friend of mine, DJ Z-Trip (Zach Sciacca) who to me, I think the guy is the greatest DJ in the world. I think his skills are unparalleled, I mean as a mixer, as a scratcher, as a producer. But also, I want to note that he was the one who started the whole mash-up movement. He was the one who started mixing, playing rock songs in hip-hop clubs which was really frowned upon and he took a lot of flack for that when it first happened, but now you see everybody does it. (Read more.)

List of tracks played:

1. Immigrant Noise – Z-Trip
2. Lay Your Cards Out – Polica
3. Back To Back (Acoustic) – Wolf Gang
4. Steve McQueen – M83
5. The Beatles – I Want You (She’s So Heavy)


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