True Blood Fashion Q & A: Salome in Olive Green, Jessica in Peach, & Lafayette in Blue

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It’s time for another look into the world of True Blood fashion! This week costume designer Audrey Fisher reveals the stories behind items worn by Salome, Jessica, and Lafayette.

Q. I loved the dress and belt Salome wore in 5-2 and the beginning of 5-3! She looked gorgeous! Where can I find it? – Sarah

A. Audrey tells us that Salome’s lovely office attire is a golden olive DKNY body suit and skirt, with a golden woven stretch belt from another designer to cinch in the waist. Is it just me or is Salome totally winning at wardrobe so far this season? Don’t worry, we’ll have scoop on more of her clothes next week.

Q. Who makes the peachy/orange dress Jessica (Deborah Ann woll) ran out of the store in, episode 3 season 5? – Lisa

A. That barely there scrap of a dress is by Bebe. Audrey liked how it’s reminiscent of 1930s lingerie, and “the color is exquisite with Deborah’s skin and hair.” Raise your hand if you’re envious of Deborah’s skin and hair! This dress is in stock at Bebe in a deeper coral color for summer; we think it would be perfect for attending your ex’s wedding.

Q. Do you have any information on the shirt with the big heart on it that Nelsan Ellis wore on the last episode?
Thanks! – Kim

A. Several of you asked about this shirt, and it turns out that there’s quite a story behind Audrey’s choice of this Wildfox piece: “I imagined Lafayette would pull out an old comfy sweatshirt,” says Audrey. “He’d like it because it’s Tara’s favorite color, and it has that big heart on it to show how his heart is bursting for her…so he’s a toned-down fabulous.” Awwww! The shirt is no longer available directly from Wildfox, but eBay has quite a selection right now.

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    Who makes sookie’s jacket?