VIDEO: Sneak Peek at True Blood Episode 5.11, “Sunset”

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HBO released a sneak peek at this week’s penultimate episode of True Blood season 5, “Sunset”, which raises the real possibility of another beloved character being turned into a vampire.

Do you think Jason will be turned? Or is this another classic red herring from the True Blood folks?

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  1. Kim O

    August 17, 2012 at 11:54 am

    Jason is NOT going to be turned. They would never do that.

  2. Niecey

    August 17, 2012 at 12:03 pm

    I believe this is a red herring. Jason is in danger for sure, but not of becoming a Vampire.

  3. Doris

    August 17, 2012 at 7:01 pm

    Okay… Bill Is Crazy! 🙁

  4. Ashley

    August 17, 2012 at 8:51 pm

    I think jess is pretending to turn Jason to fool bill that way she can warn him of what’s going on..Im curious what the main cliffhanger will be this season,there always seems to be one major one. i hope bill doesn’t end the season still ‘lillified’.Im really over this whole lillith thing. I hope we find out who warlo is too before the end..i have a feeling that its going to be a main plot in season 6 just seems like way too big of a story line to fit into 2 episodes. I wonder what’s going on with nora and Eric too..when they saw godric being killed by lillith it had to have some kind of effect..and i noticed we haven’t seen them really since. I think nora may switch sides..I hope so anyway poor eric is all alone in this 🙁

    • ADK 47

      August 17, 2012 at 11:18 pm

      I totally agree with you. The Lilith plot has become a dead horse in and of itself. It was an interesting nw direction and osticle to take te characters n, but b this point it has become quite exhausting. Pardon my french but, “sh*t or get off the pot”. If they contnue this whole religeous vampire struggle into the next season I fear they may lose the interest of a lot of fans. ESPECIALLY if they make Jason a vampire, I am sure they will not because that would be “sweeps” suicide and anyone who has earned the rite as a screenwriter for a popular television show “on HBO” should be smart enough not to do such a thing. Yall are right, TOTAL RED HERRING!

      I also believe the mystery behind Warlow, the Stackhouses, and Fae may be a bigger plot with Sookie’s character next season. At least that would be wise since the only developements in this particular plot seen so far in this season are:
      – The introduction of the “big” antagonist, Warlow (a “supposed” vampire that has some connection to the Fae world and has the ability to semi-breach the two worlds).
      – The connection from his character to the protagonists (The answer to who really killed Sookie and Jason’s parents results in our new vampire villian…”supposed” vampire villian).
      – And of course, The reasoning behind the character’s malice and/or wrath towards the protagonists (He apparently made a deal long ago with a part-Fae/Human Stackhouse male to be rewarded with the first born female half-Fae heir of the Stackhouses, Sookie).

      Please, please, please correct me if I am wrong so I don’t appear as a COMPLETE idiot, but those are only “three” larger key plot points that took “ten” episodes to indroduce and cover. Should they really end that plot in the next “two” episodes? Am I the only one here that finds that possible direction to seem a bit rushed? Don’t misunderstand me, I really like the show and have been a dedicated fan since the beginning, I just fear that the show may stray so far off in one direction that it loses the overall heart and dynamic character it was built upon. That has happened too much in this world with promising shows, books, films, and music so you may understand that although I may seem to be throwing the writing of the show under the bus, I am really expressing my fear (along with all of the fans who care about this show) of seeing it fail in the long run.

      Oh, and by God, will someone turn Jason into a freakin Werepanther already?!?!?!?!?! shi….

      That is all.

  5. Toni

    August 19, 2012 at 2:51 am

    I am sooooooooo tired of the Authority! Eric is gonna save Bill so Sookie can run back into his arms again blah blah blah. If Sookie don’t see Bill for the person he truly is by the end of this season I’m done.