True Blood Round Table Discussion: “Sunset”

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The TV Fanatic team convened again for this week’s discussion of “Sunset”, the penultimate episode of True Blood. This time Chris O’Hara, Leigh Raines, Jim Garner and I contemplate the meaning of the Elder Fairie, present our favorite quotes, defend our choices for the hottest scene on the night, speculate on who or what Warlow is, and weigh in on who we think will make it to season 6. Oh, and we discuss our favorite scene from the episode.

Check out the discussion and give us your thoughts!

True Blood Round Table: Sunset

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  1. Obsessed with Bill

    August 21, 2012 at 6:05 pm

    I do think that Jason is going to kill Russell because he has woodin bullets in his gun and Russell is on a crazy high from the ferry blood and won’t see it coming