SPOILERS: True Blood Casting Charming New Love Interest for Sookie?

In addition to Rutger Hauer’s Macklyn (aka M. Warlow?), True Blood season 6 is casting another new male character, TVLine reports.

The new character is Ben, an “ultra charming, ultra handsome” man in his late 20s/early 30s. He’s appealing to the local women and the men, but his charm masks a very dark side. He and Sookie will encounter each other soon after he arrives in Bon Temps, but will sparks fly? Or will she keep her distance?

Any speculation on Ben’s book equivalent? We’re thinking Lochlan, the sadistic Faery from [easyazon-link asin="0441020941"]Dead And Gone[/easyazon-link].

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  1. Sounds like Claude! But I guess not since he is already on the show.

    • It is how Claude appears in the book, not the show. Mel thinks it’s Lochlan, now I have to read book 10

  2. Probabably He’s Quinn from the books.

  3. I don’t think this character is from the books. It’s someone TB made up for S6 to create intrigue.

  4. Im guessing he is “Quinn” …why would they change his name??

    • They think John Quinn’s a dull name,I guess. I hope this Ben’s Quinn the were-tigger.

    • Micki Amato-Beasley

      Because they can’t follow anything from the books! Quinn should have been introduced in Season 5, instead they had all that Authority crap. What a fiasco that season was. I will admit, the last episode was very good, though. I’m wondering if they ever plan on introducing Felipe and Victor in True Blood.

      • They don’t have to follow anything from the books, especially when True Blood is only BASED ON the books. We’ve been saying that for 5 seasons. Quinn doesn’t need to make an appearance at all if he doesn’t move the story along.

  5. Could it perhpas be Dermott? (fairy uncle)

  6. another love interest for Sookie…how surprising

  7. Ben sounds like a Fae ……probably a Lochlan or Dermot type character……I think he will be a distraction for Sookie but i still believe her and Eric is on a collision course in getting together.

  8. I think Ben=Quinn. I think they might just be using that name for the casting call to keep some mystery for the book readers.

  9. thats pretty cool

  10. I am thinking he might be a were sent by Debbie Pelt’s family. In the books, they just don’t go away meekly.

  11. I suspect he is a fae with his own agenda. Can hardly wait for TB to begin again!!

  12. Could it be Belenos the elf?

  13. Maybe Prince Niall? They change the names on the casting calls sometimes to throw us off track. He would have a sinister appearance at first. He wouldn’t be a love interest, but he has a very intense interest in Sook.

  14. I agree with Micki, that it might be Felipe, its about time he should be introduced. Not to mention there is no more “Authority”. In the book, it does describe him as “attractive”.
    Unless there is a possibility that the new person might be the fangtasia bartender that lives with Sookie, only to try to burn her house down. (I forget his name right now).

  15. If Ben is an “ultra charming, ultra handsome” man in his late 20s/early 30, I tthink Chris Salvatore would fit the role perfectly.

  16. Am hoping that this ben person is similar to quinn (love sookie and his relationship) in the books. Plus , Quinn was a character that caused a lot of chatter in the books. So am keeping my fingers crossed.

  17. With Bilith and Warlow in season 6 what purpose does Ben serve the story? Will he be a distraction from two potential villians or be another reason for Sookie to run?