SPOILERS: True Blood Season 6 Casts First New Character

True Blood season 6 is still a few months away from production, but the first major casting has been announced: Rutger Hauer is joining the cast as a series regular, per TVLine.

The [easyazon-link asin="B0012PDVQ2"]Blade Runner[/easyazon-link] actor will play Macklyn, “a mysterious and sinister figure with deep ties to Sookie and Jason.” Could “Macklyn” be the name Warlow goes by now? It has to be the same character, right? Or is there more than one mysterious/sinister figure buried deep in the annals of Stackhouse history? Are you as excited as I am that we get to update the True Blood season 6 spoiler guide?

Weigh in with your theories below, and let the True Blood season 6 speculation begin!

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  1. My guess is that he will play Warlow.

  2. I wonder if Paul Reubens will join him and do another fabulous death scene.


    I think Rutger Hauer will be outstanding. I love him! I’m also thinking Warlow as well, but who knows. Maybe he’ll be half-demon Desmond Cataliades with a twist. LOL

  3. Oooh, good casting! Could he be the fairy that slept with one of the Stackhouse ancestors? If he is Warlow, it would be interesting if it was him who started the fae bloodline in the Stackhouse family in order to gain a female fairy/human hybrid.

  4. Warlow is my guess……. just gonna be a very looooooooooong wait to find out!

  5. Love Rutger Hauer! So glad he will on TB!!!

  6. Macklyn=M. Warlow

  7. I am OVER The MOON! I ADORE Rutger! To see him on True Blood would be Beyond AmAZing!
    Some don’t get this guy and deem Rutger B-list material, but Hauer has always gone his own way.
    He is an incredibly creative and fearless actor who has unashamedly followed his own inner compass.
    Thanks for the scoop Ladies, you made my week!

  8. Oh and how long will THIS character last? Three episodes? Two?. They wasted Chris Meloni in the last miserable season. He was boring and then dead.

    • How about if we wait until they film even a single frame of the new season before pulling out the wet blanket, huh?

  9. Rutger Hauer was who Anne Rice wanted or envisioned as Lesat for a long time…..Anne Rice is a Sookie fan …….I love it!!!!!!I think he’s gonna be great!!!Love spoilers ….keep them coming!!!!

  10. SO EXCITED!!!!
    But this HAS to be Warlow. Who else could possibly resemble Warlow more than Rutger? Also let’s not forget that Warlow’s first initial is M. Macklyn Warlow is probably his full name but chose to only go by Warlow. Just a thought.

  11. Has to be Warlow! I am curious if they will ever bring Mr. Catiliades from the books to the show, i liked him!

  12. SKAWEE!! I first noticed Rutger Hauer in “Blade Runner” back in the day, and then fell in love with him in “Ladyhawk” a few years later. My jones may rise up once more. You have been warned!

  13. no matter who he plays I’m looking forward to watching him.

  14. Or Prince Niall?

  15. this is great,I can’t wait to see him in the show :)

  16. This guy played “Barlow” in Salem’s Lot (2004 version, another vampire movie). And now, he’ll probably be Warlow. Ha!

  17. I loved him in Buffy the movie! Playing a vampire should come natural to him, lol!

  18. I think it’s Niall!! :D

  19. Amazing!!! I cannot wait for season 6! Keep the spoilers coming! :)

  20. True Blood has and continues to have great casting. My hope is that they will actually keep some of these extra characters around for more than a season. I hate to say this, but I think Sam’s love interest is seen her final days. I really enjoyed them bringing back the good ole Rev and our favorite villian who Eric introduced to the final death…finally. Look I am still not over Jesus, call me sentimental. Perhaps this season we will find out of any of the breeding worked out to improve the gene pool finding that not only Andy being a new daddy, but Jason as well.