True Blood Halloween: How to Dress Up as Sookie

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Sookie is an increasingly popular choice for dressing up at Halloween. The most recognizable costume is Sookie’s Merlotte’s outfit: logo t-shirt, waitress apron, black shorts, and black sneakers. Don’t forget to put your hair in a ponytail, and for extra oomph, use the Sookie nail colors from the True Blood Deborah Lippman collection.

Another fun idea is to go as Sookie after recovering from the maenad’s attack in season 2. Remember when she was at Fangtasia and Dr. Ludwig came to treat her back? Her outfit was ruined, so she ended up wearing an oversized red Fangtasia shirt, white Keds, and some seriously sexy bedhead. Oh, and don’t forget the (fake) gun.

Looking for something a little more subtle? How about one of those cute sundresses Sookie wore in the first couple of seasons, when it was summer in Bon Temps? You want something a bit vintage, on the ladylike side, with matching bag and shoes. How do you make it clear that you’re Sookie? Add a pair of fang marks to your neck.

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