True Blood Season 6 Casting News: Meet Ben

True Blood Season 6 Casting News: Meet Ben

Production on True Blood season 6 doesn’t begin until January, but another major character has been cast already. We reported last month that producers were looking for someone to play Ben, a charming, handsome man with a dark side. Per TVLine, producers have cast British actor Robert Kazinsky in the role. In addition, our speculations were proven right – he is a faerie.

Ben will take a liking to Sookie, and of course other sites are trying to play him up as a possible love interest for our favorite blond telepath, but his true purpose is to help Sookie and Jason uncover more of their heritage as season 6 focuses on Warlow and the fae.

Kazinsky will be a series regular in True Blood season 6 which premieres on HBO in June 2013.


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  1. Hmmm Season 6 focuses on Warlow. Cool.

    So, there really won’t be much, if any, book reference in Season Six.

    Interesting that Ben will be fae and maybe (by speculation) a love interest for Sookie. With fae being the light and dark magical creatures they are, that may not bode well.

    HAHAHA! Here’s a thought. What if he likes Jason!?! :-)

  2. Whoa…that last thought just reminded me of one of the books! The were-panther that fell in love with Jason! Maybe a twist?

    • I was looking at the photo and thinking that this guy looks enough like Ryan Kwanten to make me wonder if they’re going the Uncle Dermot route.

      • Oooooh! Could be!!! Very cool!

      • That would be really cool, bringing in another character from the book – but I get the impression they are trying to distance themselves from the books, I can’t think of anything in the last season that had anything to do with the books, although I could have overlooked something.

  3. Oh my god!!! SEAN SLATER!!! Going from Albert Square to Bon Temps!!

  4. I think he’s Sookie’s great-great-great-great-great-grandfather Niall. He does looks like he’s related to the Stackhouse. I remembered there’s a scene where Eric tried to take a bite of him in Dead All Together when tvline mentioned he’s very attracts to men & ladies when Sookie appoachs.

    I hope he’s Niall.

  5. He is a fairy and a possible new love interest for our waitress, because she must taste of every sort… Simply, lucky woman!

  6. He actually kind of looks like Godric to me in this picture…