SPOILERS: Get Ready to Meet the Governor of Louisiana

SPOILERS: Get Ready to Meet the Governor of Louisiana

Another new True Blood season 6 character has been revealed, and this one has some political clout: Creighton Burrell is the governor of Louisiana, and he’s not too keen on the undead living in his state. According to TVLine who first posted the casting news, Burrell’s wife left him for a vampire and he’s still angry about it.

My question is, how are a do-gooder liberal activist and a governor who hates vampires relevant to season 6′s plot? What can we surmise from the casting of these two characters?

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  1. It probably has something to do with the lack of Tru Blood and peoples’ fear. Just what politicians are waiting for – to convince people that all vamps should be killed. The 20 something year-old activist will probably try to be peacemaker.

  2. Great just what the show needs more characters with unimportant storylines.